Sunday, March 28, 2010

seriously in love with bling

Sooooooooooooooory for the MIA!><
Finally i have a weekend for myself and not working, been travelling to different states for work but it's fun exploring different places and peoples. But honestly, i feel painful to sacrifice my personal time and the most, relationship.. Events are more suitable for singles or those who can accept long distance love. I miss my boy, and feel so sorry to leave him alone, hope things work out better..

Back to nails, it's very fast and easy doing it with these bling bling polish that already have billions of flakes with colored polish (those with clear polish is quite a No-No for me). Just little bit of color will do, like this one.

3 layers of polish will do, from the 1st coat - entire nail bed, 2nd coat - half of the nails and 3rd coat - only on tips, or more as how you want it to be..

Added some stones and pre-made 3D flower for some doll up. Pretty nails makes good mood.

Till next time..
*I went for gel extension yesterday because i no longer have patient for polish to dry as i prefer more sleep nowadays, just a very 'low-profile' gradient so it's more suitable for work. Will try to post previous mani before that..

Have a nice weekend everyone. : ]

**i have no idea what happen to my post ever since i format my lappie, i have to copy paste my photo to sequence i want in stead i can just drag it here and there before this, and weird underline keep coming out and i don't know where to un-underline it. isshhh.. ><