Thursday, December 31, 2009

fimo-ty french~

Woke up early today to visit Mr.Dentist for my brace check routine, and good news is i can finally remove my brace before Chinese New Year (which is so coincident fall on 14th Feb)! yeay^^v

Ok back to the nails, i did a black mani for my sister awhile ago, and she keep looking at my nails creation collection and wish i could do her one. Since it's quite free today, let's give her a mani...

To create this cute french mani using fimo fruit pieces, you will need~

QY no-brand white polish
Elianto Racing Green 18
Fimo fruit -- we got watermelon, apple, orange, lime and a smiley face :)

isn't them cute~~~
Well it's a quick and easy nail art. You paint french nails with the green (white on the thumb as my sister wanted it like that) and just stick the fimo pieces in between the french and pink nail area and you are done.

Here we have the pinky apple~

Lime/lemon ring finger~

middle finger nails with watermelon~~

And the smiley for thumb~~^^

(without top coat)
And here you got your fun and easy fruity nails~
you might notice the quality of the photos are different as i'd borrow my camera to my mum for her trip to taiwan and i'm using hers.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! ^^/

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dynasty Cherry~

I've been enjoying being a 'housewife' taking care of the 3 kids these few days, but still the only thing i'm not wiling to do yet-- sweeping and mopping floor.. XP

As i promise, here's the mani~ ^^v

Am using Revlon 760 Cherry Crush as base color..

Then added Konad m7...

And then you just stamp stamp stamp~~~

And stamp stamp stamp~

Tried out the Rimmel London 300 movie star for left hand Konad.

And right hand i tried Revlon 470Amber Ablaze. i think the base match better with this color..

I just did a fruit mani for my sis, will post it up later after dinner~ ^^/

Christmas & New year Haul~^^

I hope everyone is doing well and had fun~ ^^
Sorry for not updating after Christmas, parent were out to Taiwan so me being the eldest daughter has to take charge of the house and my 3 siblings. Now i realise being stuck on housework will eat up all of your time from lappie.. ><>
Because Rachel hates sweeping the floor. hee...

This is actually a 3 day haul, went out with friends and siblings in continuous 3 days, which is quite cool for me, because my parent will be complaining if they were here, haha..

Heels~~~~~!!! ^^v
Went out with all siblings to the nearest mall for a walk since it's been a long time we did not hang out together. Siblings day~ haha...
Saw this in a shoe shop (of course it is a shop that sells shoes, if not? XP) and they have 20% discount for this shoes, which is quite to my style and they got my size! lolx..
Because me, my mum and my 2 sister has 'big feet' compare to girls at Malaysia, normally girl's size are around 4 to 6 but ours are 8-10 (mine are 25+cm, but the size differs when different kinds of shoes has different cutting)! XP
Anyway, it's quite comfortable and since they have my size and discount is on, so why not?

i think it's like 3inches?^^
Shoes that is under 2inches is not consider high heel to Rachel~


On the second day i brought my younger sister out with my friend and her sister as well. She's been waiting for me for shopping because i was at my hostel before that.. It was so nice to see Christmas decorations everywhere though i'm not so into this festival as i mentioned before, it makes me feel relax and lil bit of romantic walking in the mall, haha...

Of course we had a good time walking around and Rachel was buying this and that happily~ XP
Bought few formal wear and make up stuff but i will be only showing cosmetic stuff cause i haven take picture of the clothes, tehee..

So, i've gotten:

1000HOUR single lashes
The Face Shop Base Coat
The Face Shop Make up base (in violet)
The Face Shop foundation brush
Bonita (local accessories brand) red headband
Bonita cute hair clip (it comes with 3 of the clip in a packet, so me and my 2 sister each take one as sister clip~ )

It's a challenge applying one by one onto my lashes.. @.@


Suppose to go for dental check up this morning but it was a long queue when i reach there, (i forgot to make appointment ><) luckily the assistant was kind to arrange an appointment for me tomorrow. Since i'm out so i decided to walk around the mall again, while waiting cousin and his family for lunch. So coincident all i got today was for nails, hehe...

Rimmel London 300 movie star
Rimmel London 819 Green with envy
Revlon 470 Amber Ablaze
Revlon 760 Cherry Crush

Rimmel is having 10 or 15% discount while Revlon's is having 'buy 1 free 1'.
All are nice color and the application was nice, especially Revlon's one.
Did a mani using all the red i bought, will show you all tomorrow~ :)

Got the love shape sponge (from previous picture above) and this beads and glitter from a shop that sells cheap/ no-brand product with low price and they are having 'buy 1 free 1' for the entire shop. @v@
I seldom walk there but whenever i did, i'll find myself these cheap nail stuff with ok-quality.
The sponge will be working for the gradient nail art in the future and beads & glitter for nail deco~

Ok guys, i hope you all got what you wish for and will have a good time being with your family friends and love one in coming new year 'day'~ ^^v
But most important that you all be safe. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Merry Christmas Nails~

Merry Christmas everyone and i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas eve~ ^^/

This is Rachel's Christmas nails that i just created~^^

White polish
(here i use 2 kinds of white as
QYbrand is more watery for the gradient and
Elianto white02 thicker one for Konad)
The Face Shop RD302
OPI 88 (i'm quite sure this is fake one, cause i can't find any matches in the OPI web site :( )
Elianto Racing Green 18
Konad m59
dotting tool

Here we go~~

Using a make up sponge, sponge white polish on the tips and you see snow~~ haha...

Next use dotting tool to draw red dots by random size and places..
Then you repeat the same way with green polish..

Because i don't own any red polish that contain glitter so i added glitters on them after that with slightly bigger shape than the matte red one. Just to make it like smudging out..

After the dots are dried, go ahead and Konad snowflake image from m59, again random~~

Last add rhinestones as you like and seal them with top coat,
go dress yourself up and ready to go hang out with your family your friends your love ones~ ^^/

Blingbling gradient~ ^^

I nearly forgot about this sweet nails~! :p
i've seen many tutorials in You tube about using make up sponge to create gradient design for nails, I just came back from last exam that time and i decided to try it out since i have my last sponge available, hehe..

Again, i forgot to take photos on the How-to, but i promise, next time when i restock my sponge.. ;)

1 coat is enough but you may add 1 more coat for the sick of richness, hehe..
It was really easy and the polish dries out super fast! using this method to create gradient save time save energy and you get simple yet gorgeous outcome~~ Why not?
I think i will be doing this gradient pattern more often since i will have to work for 3+ month for training and i dont think they allow crazy nails going on in office, haha...

one more picture under the sunlight and you see blings~~~ ^^v

Snowflakes nails~ ^^

Ok ok so this is Rachel's promise~ ^^
I'm back to my hometown so i had breakfast with my siblings just now and we had a great time chatting and having fun.. They are all more outgoing and always cheerful which is slightly different from Rachel the quiet elder daughter, so sometimes i feel annoyed of their noise, haha...

After breakfast and cleaning the table here is my time for nails! ^^ I got an cute idea for Christmas the minute i woke up and still on bed, will show you all after this, am in the last step now, hehe.. ^^v

I continue trying the new polish i got, as i remove them soon after i apply it. So this is consider the second 'testing' time, haha..

First the ingredient~

OPI light blue polish (i'm too lazy to find the name out again, just get what you have for light blue~)
Callas Juicy Sky
No-brand clear nail polish from Watson with silver glitter
Dotting tool

Let's start~

It takes 3 coats for for the color to show..
This is the 1st coat..

2nd coat..

3rd coat... You still see some uneven part on the edges, those are the 'pieces' left of the gel layer i had some time ago, it's still there and i'm too lazy to file them down, cause my nail layer is getting so thin cause i've been filing the gel layer time to time..
Few more times of manicure then it will totally out from my nails, yay~~ haha..

So sorry that i forgot to take picture of me drawing snowflakes, you know it's hard to stop when you are paying 120% of concentration on nails, hehe...

Some close up..

I google of image of snowflake and pick some to follow the patterns..
I used dotting tools to draw all the snowflakes as my brush level is worse, haha...
I just pick up light blue polish onto my dotting tools then i drag it to become a line, and so on..

Added some glitter for the sparkles~~~
Top coat to seal and you're done~ ^^

I'm finishing my nails, will be up next ^^

Mini haul and my tiny holiday~ ^^

I just realise i have not transfer my other winter nails into my lappie that i wanted to share here, but anyways i'll be free to do that tomorrow morning because I AM FINALLY IN HOLIDAY NOW~~~~~ wohoo~~~ XP

Exams over, and i'm back to my hometown few hours ago, and here am i for you all~! ^^v
Ok, what i can share with you guys are some here and there during my visit to grandma house last week.. and no worries nails stuff as well, haha..

I spent 3 days out with my family here as i mentioned in my last post, there was not enough room for us so we had to stay in hotel, this is when we first get into our hotel room, how can i not starting to picture picture and picture~~~ haha, got a bit crazy taking pictures all around with my siblings and mum but i'm not showing here to leave them some privacy.. :p

Yes i'm in pink that day, finally, lol.. It was actually second hand clothes from my aunt, i have it for a long time but i just don't feel like wearing cause it's pink.. but since it's a holiday, and i'm really happy and excited, so it is allowed to be put on.. XP

We went for a walk in the mall nearby after dinner, i was trying to look for formal wear as i need them for my industry training coming Jan 2010 but then i was attracted by nail polish again.. T.T Anyone know Callas this brand??

I only bought 2 of the polish since his is the first time i met this brand and the other colors are not so my type, hehe...

the Pearl Khaki.. light olive with glitters, 3 coats..
yea as you can see i ruin my index finger, i thought it's dry so i went brush teeth to go to bed, but..... T.T Isshh and ouch in the toilet.. XP

I tried out Juicy Sky on my left hand, pearl light blue, 3 coats as well, it's quite nice..
So coincident my sister brought me 2 nail polish and she bring it along, one of it is black so i added some pattern to it.
But i think it sucks, so i remove it sometimes later.. ==''

Along with it i bought nail polish remover and fake eye lashes since they are having sales for 60% of those i picked..
I don't really use to acetone-free remover, it's all over my hand and will never 'dry' like acetone remover, and i even mess up the table cause it's wooden and careless me got few drops of remover on it, and it makes the table sticky even after i tried to clean it.. ><

And now the eye lashes~~^^

I just love how the fake lashes make your eyes looks cute when you blink~
See the curve? hehe..
It's not a full length one but those that only concentrate on your corner lashes..

Gosh my face is so dry during my trip, maybe it's the weather.. ><>
Time for facial treatment~~~~ wahahahah...

Ok ok, so now i'm gonna show you all some magic of Photoshop, hehe..
There's a saying around my friends that don't ever trust what you see on the net, and this is what i mean...

Because editing can make someone that looks already pretty, (*uhhum..*)

to even more pretty!!!! hahahaahhaah......
my eyes are 3times bigger, with light green lenses, added blush, 1 pair of lashes on the upper one and 2 pairs for the bottoms, and since it's Christmas, some deco for my photo~ ^^v

To end this long para post, here is what i captured while we are on the road..
Rachel so smart that she forgot what this cycle call with 3 wheels, forgive her.. -.-"
it's uncommon to see it on the road anymore nowadays..
The driver turn to me and smile after i took this one, and few seconds after the 2 foreign ladies sitting in the cycle smile to me as well~ ^^v

Ok i promise updates on tomorrow! before i go out for Christmas eve celebration with my aunt, hehe.... ^^/