Sunday, January 1, 2012

about growing flowers on my nails

Happy New Year To Everyone of you!!! <3 
May lots lots lots of joy and peace and prosperity and nails design ideas come to you on 2012~ ^^

Since i started working in fashion magazine firm, i get to style in themes/clothing that i always wanted to try out and not being starred by people beside me. ( oh well,fashion is very SLOW over here and most of the girls are not really into the fashion and stick to the comfortable & 'natural' T + jeans way of dressing, which, is boring! ><) 

In the office?
Hell i can literally just doll myself up everyday to make my cells happy~ *happy again*

And that leads to this new year nails!
I know it's not the celebration kinda theme but as my acrylic stuff is being stored at the very corner for a long time, finally i got the motivation to practice it back~ 

You can probably see the amount of petals increased for the very top group of photo, from pinky to thumb, that shows how is the speed i manage to catch up doing acrylic, hahaha..
But when it comes to left hand, i decided to stick back using mold instead of making the flowers freehand. *upset* 

You may notice the designs are not the same, cause i wanted to try once more so i remove the 1st design the next day and redo again, and i manage to squeeze 2 flowers in a fingernails instead of the very 1st one only, muahahahaha imfastlearner. ahem~

Ok enough of being long-winded, once again Happy 2012 to you guys again!!
And pray hard that the end of the world will not come so soon i still has a lot of things in the to-do list! >v<

love, Rachel. <3