Thursday, September 30, 2010

shimmer shimmer bling bling + some accessories haul~

Hi everyone! ^^/ Hope everything is fine and good there.. :)
Your eyes may be attracted to the nails below, but before that, just wanna show show my new toys i got recently too, hee...

Fact Of The Day:
Rachel is loving
vintage/ old style fashion / polka dots

Small purse/ sling bag in red with white polka dots (and with 'anna sui' cheat logo. XP)
some hair accessories also in polka dots and denim
a huge whistle accessories (and i DIY deco it with bling bling stones~^^)

Photos you can skip~~~~~ XP

But it's too cute and i MUST snap photos~! >v<

Oh, and nail polishes~!!! ^^

Sorry but the left bottle is too hard to show its color in photo. :(
it's dark brown with shimmer, but in fact it looks a bit purple in photo when i'm trying to snap.. ?.?

Ok, so here's the nails~~ ^^
using the shimmer shimmer polish i just got, hehe...
i chop off my nails real short during exams, but i think it's even cute with such 'color'..

3 coats of the polish
1 cute 3D bow
and your nails caught everyone's eye on the street! hahaha...

i bought the 3d bow in the mall, not self make this time, hehe..

And last but not least.
Another F.O.T.D.:
Rachel loves banana

Been craving for banana lately out of sudden, haha..
the sweetness and its natural aroma makes me feel happy^^
Bought banana everytime i go to fruit stall, and it'll be at my window side hanging till i finish it all.. XP

Ok, till then, bye guys~!
imma gonna have my banana again.. TvT

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rachel'graphy + my bare nails once more^^

Okay okay, no new nails at the moment as i'm letting them away to rest and breath freely as they are very thin and fragile due to my 'rudeness' treat to them when removing acrylic or gel or nail glue. :p (i often put much pressure trying to remove them when nail remover is not strong enough to take off in short time, i'm not patient when it comes to revoming, haha)

To fill up your time spent here, here's some of my artwork practicing my photography skills on free time, hope you like it.. :)

I love chocolate but i dont crave for it often unless you got dark chocolate~~!!! @v@
So when Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolate is here in supermarket, i must try it! hehehe..
It's not bad though~

practicing using the lens flare...

And this was a Canon camera i snap when i'm at my friend's house..

the original..

after editing on contrast and others which i can't remember..

and shall we play with some effect... :)

You read my title about bare nails, and yes it's been long long time since i post my naked babies..

i have the habit to clean my dead skin on cuticle area whenever i saw them, i just have the craziness on clean and clear lines on cuticle lines, they make them look unreal and neat. hehe..

my left hand~

and right side...
The weather was nice so you couldn't see much of the 'wound' on my nails. The white part of my nails is normally kinda transparent since small, but after some layers are been teared off by yours truly, it's even transparent now.. :p

close up..
My left thumbnails broke a bit so i file it round to keep the length..

See what i mean by clean and clear cuticle lines? hehehe...

Enough for 'showing off' my poor babies, shall see you next with sneak a peek poo~ ^^

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tag me tag you: Sunshine Award

Got this award from The girl With A Bow and Simply Rins blog^^v

the rules:
1. Save the image above and post it on your own blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
3. Link the nominees
4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

Well i think i will give this award to few of my beloved followers and friends and they are sweety:

Jin Jin

Haha, i think most award rule's were changed when it's passed to me.. :p
But of all, thanks to The girl With A Bow and Rina (Simply Rins) giving me this appreciation again.. :)

Oh oh oh~~~ And i finished all my papers last week~!! and i'm back to my hometown for semester break, but i didn't take back my polishes from my hostel as i don't have extra space in luggage for them, lolx.. But i'm out tomorrow to town with parents, so wish me has new haulsssss!!! haha..
Till then, everyone take care~ ^^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Non-nail-related post: Creative shopping bags~

Came across this creative shopping bag post from and OMG it open my eyes~ @v@
Thought to share here to my beloved ones too~~ ^^

#1 Max Factor Mascara paper bag which i think is gosh damm cool~~!

#2 free outdoor advertisements of “Shumensko” beer (taken from

#3 Meralco electricity supplier shopping bag

#4 Cute one from Lipton Clear Green Tea bag^^

#5 GNC BURN 60 bag illustrating their slimming benefit~

There's more creative bags from the websites, but this is the top 5 for rachel, haha..
Aren't they cute and interesting?!

Hope everyone have a nice day~ ^^/

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's time to drop the anchor~!

Because i have no idea how should i name this design.. lolx..

Hey sailors~ ^^/
Weather's been quite cool lately, make me lazy to get out of bed.. @v@
but too bad i have to, cause it's study week now! which means my exam is getting nearer.. :(

Anyhoo, let's talk about nails first, haha...

You probably get the idea from the previous picture..
paint your nails french and entire nails as your preference or go on randomly..
I'm using blue and white, but there's other color for nautical so you can choose what you like..

Next draw thin lines at the outline of the french with the 'opposite' color ( for white base use blue, white for blue base), but i don't have much patient that day so i grab my black thin tip brush to replace blue.. :p

Finish up with thicker 'lines' after the thin lines..

for the ring finger, let's add a cute anchor! ^^
you can use stones, or purely nail polish to dot it or draw it out, but for my level of polish drawing, i still prefer to use beads, haha..

Seal with top coat and you're done~~ ^^v

Credit to Nail Up July copy.
i think i'm gonna do all the design in it until i get another copy of nail magazine.. lolx..

Ok, back to study! >v<

Saturday, September 4, 2010

V for violet~

i admit purple violet is colors that i don't fancy (and BRIGHT PINK!) but still i have few bottles of them in my collection hoping for my notice one day so they could come out and have some fresh air.. lolx.

Credit to Nail Up July copy.
So you know it's not gonna be pink on my with this design, i picked violet instead as i think it gives the design a mature elegant and lady feel..

First start off with this dark violet with little bit of shimmer as base..
oooh i can't snap the original color!! ><>

Using thin tip brush, draw a 'V' on each nails and fill in the space..
You may stop here but i added some silver flakes onto it for extra sparkles,
you may add rhinestones too like how the original design was..

And Ta Daa~~~
And thanks for Mr Pringles as my background image~^^ one of my purchases from online boutique, hehehe...