Friday, October 30, 2009

Tag me tag you: the Red Tag

Finally, tag~ ^^
As i said before, i only able to do this tag when i'm back to my hostel,
but due to the #$%^ internet connection, haih... T.T

So so so, i was tag by Danielle for doing this RED tag. Here's my 7 things in red i have~ ^^

1. my Watson lycopene facial mask

2. my mini 'personal assistant' tape dispenser' (with some old orange stick i use to pick up rhinestone 'sharing' some space, hehe..)

3. red paint brush i use for nail art... ( see my rose see my rose? still in the mold, hehe..)

4. red mirror - i use it for make up purpose every morning..

5. My newly bought OPI ( damm i like red but i don't really own much thing on red, no choice have to use nail polish to get 7 stuff, hehe..)

6. my only cheongsam ( Chinese traditional dress) bought it few years ago, i thought the pattern was quite unique.. :D

7. And finally, tehee.... My sweet sweet gift from my sweet one..
black one as him ( cause he had dark skin tone), and red as me ( the cute one^^v)..

Hehe, so that's all for the tag~! guess many out there had done the tag so i'm not going to tag anymore, but definitely let me know if you're going to do it, so i can 'visit' you~ ^^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

m7 French toeey~

I'm close to collect the last stuff of red stuff i got for the red tag earlier on, so before that i shall share my 'back-to-uni toe nails'~ lol..

Using the new white polish and Konad i just got somtimes ago, i did a cute french for my toe nails for the first time~^^v
But the new one is too watery for Konad stamping, so end up i have to use my half-way- drying Eilanto white polish for Konad.. hehe..

The ordinary white french tips, without any base color cause i think they look good like that too.. :)

Base coat,
freehand white tips,
rhinestone for some bling~

And here i go prettie prettie nails~~ ^^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reddy reddy for my friend~ ^^

Did this mani for my friend few day after the fair when she came to find me, hehe..

For the base, i'm using the OPI i just got,
2 coats of the pink as the base then red glitter for some bling..

Wait or couple of minutes, chit chat awhile, hehe,
then to Koand..
Also using my newly bought Konad m7..
Stamp it at the right corner of nails, i purposely didn't stamp the whole image, something special, hehe...

Then added some stones beside the image..
Top coat and done~ ^^

Images from m7 are quite nice, simple yet cute.. :)

My uni is re-opening tomorrow, did my left hand, will continue right one later..
I normally do 1 hand first, so when it's done and dried, i have another hand to assist me on doing things, tehee..

Friday, October 16, 2009

kitty kitty.. :'{

You all know i loooooove cats.
Cats are cool and 'arrogant' and this is what makes them so 'likeable'.


World's getting wrong and things are getting weirder and weirder.
I always read this local blog with cat comic , i like his drawing, and of course, he draw cats.
After i read his latest post just now, i am Speechless.

Know why? watch this.

HOW CAN??!!!!!
How can she treat cat like that??!!!!!
Cats are suppose to do whatever they want without anyone controlling, not tricks!!!!!
To me, only dogs will do it as a game or somewhat to get food or while playing with their owner,
but NOT CAT!!!!!

why.... :'{

I will never do this to my cute little kitties.

Okay, i know i might sounds too sensitive on this topic from the comments i get,
well, maybe you all are right, some cats are different.
But what if it's been force to do that? other than this clip here..

Okay okay, whatever it is, i love cat, many people loves cats too,
and everyone has their own way of 'pet-ing' their cat as long as both owner and their pet are happy, right? :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Haul haul haul~ ^^

Phew~~!!! So after tomorrow, my semester break is going to end. ><>
So, thesessssss are what i got for nails during the 2weeks holiday~^^

I've mentioned about this in my another blog before, i got this from night market.
There's few night market nearby my house and one of it is so call the longest night market in Malaysia.
I should have search this there before i decided to buy it at another smaller market, cause it's cheaper with more product selling there!!! ><

Then then then^^

I thought to tell you all before i head to Malaysia's beauty fair earlier on, but i'm not sure if i can make it because i had a relative's birthday party to attend before that.
I made it at the end, but alone. Cause no one is free to accompany Rachel, mum complaining she's tired from the party so they drop me out of the centre and back home to rest.


But anyways~ this is my first time visiting something name beauty fair here.
It's.....ok, since it's my first time so i dont know what to expect.
Not too much story-ing, here's my haul^^

Acrylic sculpture kit for beginner~
normal price i've seen in mall is 80, but it's only 30 there~ ^^v how can i not buy and try it on seriously???!
As you all know i've tried gel nails, so it's time for acrylic.
Will show you guys after my nails had enough rest from gel. :)

Dotting tool~
Finally got myself this tool, but they only have 1 size.

Can anyone describe how OPI looks like? I wanna make sure i didnt bought the fake one even though it's on sales. Because i cant find their names but only codes.
I got this for 20 each bottle, and it's usually rm50-60 per bottle.
That's why you never see Rachel using OPI, cause it's damm expensive over here. -.-
This is code 88.

Didn't manage to copy down the code before i give it to one f my friend.
She's the one who inform me about this fair, and i did a mani for her using these.
Will post it up after this post.

OPI no 161.
I seldom buy blue nail polish unless it's darker shade.
This would be my first light blue polish.

Next, some dried flower for nail art~
it only cost me 1buck each. good deal.

Lavender?? lol.
I don't know much about flower except sunflower, which is my favourite one. Tehee..

Seriously they know me i dont know them. -.-"'
But it's cute, this is kinda turquoise green one..

beige one..

And green one..

And look, i got some square rhinestones as well...

The giant big rhinestone, lol...
There's even bigger one, but i don't think my nails could fit in so i didn't get those.

And how can i forgot about this 3D rose mold!!! ^^v

So, here's what i got during break,
guess you will be able to see some new mani coming up soon by Rachel^^

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saloon-like nails~~ >: )

Tehee, after so long of the gel glitter, Rachel had finally did something very neeeeeeeeeeww to me~ :p

First of all, here's a mini haul i got from night market yesterday night.
4 polishes for 10bucks (ringgit malaysia) and 2 pack of rhinestones for 5bucks..
Got white, dark reddish purple, bronze+blue glitter and blue glitter, big transparent rhinestones and small blue one..

After i got back home, i tried the white one to see it's quality, though it's a cheap-brand polishes, it's a bit watery but dries fast..
Oh and, something special on this bottle is that the name of these polish is 'QY', which my initial.. ^^v Don't get misunderstood, Rachel is my nickname..

After putting on 3 coats of the white on right hand, i think it's quite ok and so i move on left hand side.

Since i bought rhinestones too and i don't need to do laundry or cooking in my semester break, i thought i shall do something more fancy. >: )
Then i got this idea that i always wanted to try..

First Konad-ed with m39 with the dark purple polish but dark blue for ring finger and thumb just for fun..
(did m39 for left hand and change to m53 for right hand)

Then added the blue glitter around the image,
and here comes Bling blingsss~~~ ^^

left hand..


Hmm~~ ^^v Top coat the rhinestone for a more shinny bling then only top coat the nails..
Nice right?? hehe..

Not really like what i used to do, it's bright and a bit of japanese style and i barely paint full nails with white as they dried extremely fast in bottle so i always get pissed of it.

Yee~ ^^
Let's see how long can the rhinestones can stay on my nails.. lol..

Monday, October 5, 2009

notice: tag tag tag

To dear dear Danielle:

I know you've been waiting for my tag, for unfortunately most of my stuff are left in my hostel, and i will only be going back 2 weeks later,
which means, i'm only able to do the red tag that time!

I feel sad too cause i really wanna do it right now so i can share my red stuff with you all : (

Wait for me ya~ hehe.. ; p

love, Rachel

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Hungry Asian 1st ever giveaway~!!!

See that word? It's giveaway time!!

But not me, haha, i'm still way too far to held a giveaway,

It's Kae ( The Hungry Asian )~~!

In order to get this MAC Baby Goth Girl,

or new China Glaze Fortune Teller and Hard Candy Mr.Wrong,
You will have to
be her follower,
and leave her a comment on her giveaway post saying you are her follower~
you may go to her blog and find out more about this giveaway

Rachel is very excited because everyone can enter, Everyone!!!
Meaning it's shipping internationally~~ yeah~~
Giveaway ends on Friday, October 16th.

So, what are you waiting for? ^^

Thursday, October 1, 2009

^-^"' i'm back~

Oooooops, ^-^"' i know i've been out from earth for decades,

Life's been busy on exam and life, and finally everything's over now and what i have is a 2weeks semester break! yeay!

But i don't have any new stuff to show eventually.. -.-"'
Remember i got my gel nails on?
I tried to do some mani to put on it but nothing nice that came out.
I tried to do a completely different nail from the turquoise glitter i have in the inlay of gel, but it only makes it look weird as my nails is growing quite fast and the gap between gel nail and my natural nails show up very fast..

This is what i'm slightly satisfied of matching with the gel..

Stamp Konad on it in black to kinda 'decorise' the glitter..

I did another mani on it again adding gold glitter on top of the turquoise, is seems nice,
but i forgot to take it down, tehee...

In conclusion i'm quite happy with experience of trying the gel nail,
it's doing its job to help my nails grow longer than usual, which is one of the reason why i wanna try this too,
but i don't think i will go for it again,
cause i can't stand of not doing any manicure or taking care of my natural nails for such a long time,
UNLESS, i have those material on my own so i can remove it anytime i feel like changing,
but i checked those product online yesterday, and it's quite expensive over here,
ordering from international web sites seems convenient and affordable but the shipping fee is a bit.... eerh...
let's forget about it..

The gel stays quite nice on my nails, but looking at the gap of it and natural nails growing makes me crazy,
end up i keep on filing the bottom of gel away to 'help' it reduce faster from my nails so i can do mani on my natural nails soon,
but it doesn't seems helping much.. ><

Since it's still some time until all gel goes off my nails, i thought it would be the nice time to show you guys my creations that i always wanted to share, but unfortunately i didn't bring it along with me, i leave it in my hostel and i'm now back to my hometown until uni open after 2 weeks..
So sorry.. :'(

Well i guess i can only update once in awhile if i have anything interesting to show during this 2 weeks..
The biggest advantage of being in the semester break is i can EAT as much as i can! haha..
I'm back to my home sweet home and there's a big cupboard and fridge of fooooooood waiting for me~~~ wahahaha, i don't feel full when im eating back at my house, those snack and food is like waving hand to me all the time.. ^^v
You probably wondering how much can a 163cm tall 50kg heavy girl eat,
i can tell you it will be infinittiiiii~~~~~ XP
i've been back home for few days, and i spent almost whole evening in front of tv and lap top with toast bread with thick layers of butter and jam on it (my fav!!! nothing can stop me from eating bread with THICK butter on it, yumm~~),
cookies, chips, this and that and it'd never ends! lolx...

Ok ok i guess i need to go now, time for bed~ ^^

See ya soon~ ^^