Thursday, October 27, 2011

i stripe you stripe we stripe



NEW!! lolx, can't recall when's the last time i change my nails design twice in a week, miss those good old days~ :)


Original design from heynicenails.
(Hey i love your nice nails! ^^ <3)

Monday, October 24, 2011

go straight turn left and take the fly over

 Accepted a challenge from my friend Amelia and this was it~

 The original from Hey, Nice Nails!

And this is my version~! 

yeay i finally got OPI <3

One more picture to show and i should off to bed now. :p

I'll be back again when i'm back. miss taking care here every single day like those days. :)

Uh-Oh roll down the window with polka!

I'm busy working on weekends! but i had fun and hope you guys too!^^
Got some new stuff such as this sweet OPI from beauty fair last week.
Less words for today, shall update on the next post~ 

Love you all as always. stay pretty everyone! <3