Tuesday, February 23, 2010

neon polka polka~

Oh gosh, just realise i only continue finishing this post after 1 week.. @.@
But anyway, life's been busy and i;m doing well, how about you guys~? ^^

I got this neon polish from Amelia my friend last year when The Face Shop is having sales, but i didn't know how should i use it, cause Rachel seldom use bright color, haha...
But somehow i just took this bottle up last week when i'm wondering which color to paint on my nails.. tehee....
So this is what i came out with, orange neon with black polka~ realise i've been in dots lately.. :p

And guess what, it looks so funny and cute when i remove it and the pattern still remain at the same place, haha...

Ok just a short post, got to go~ think i only post again this weekend the earliest, i've been out for event frequently and i'm having fun~ ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prosperity marble + the rain and cloud~

I've been spending my time being with family and friends for CNY, and that's the reason for not updating too.. :p

This is what i'm wearing on third day of CNY and i'm quite satisfied on the result and make them stay longer on my nails, hehe..

To achieve the mani, i start the base with a dark red..
*you'll probably wondering whose hand is that at the back, hehe, answer will be revealed in a short while~

When it's dried, drop few big drop of the same red and gold polish onto nails,
'mix' it all up by using orange stick or dotting tools,
i'm not doing any pattern but just mixing it randomly..

Then i accessories the mani with some rhinestones on ring finger..

Photo taken in dad's friend house with their sewing picture.. :p


Done for my part, here comes sharing mani i did for my cute sister~ ^^v
Start off with 2 coats of dark blue polish..

Next, create random dots with white polish near the cuticle part, and here appear the 'cloud'~

Finish it by adding some black star stones onto the cloud.. (i only have 1 color of star stones, it would look better with other color maybe..)


And before i say bye bye, i thought i could share about stones over here..
As you can see from the picture above, left hand side are cheappie stones with only 1 thin silver layer at the back of stones; while the right hand cost a little bit higher than the cheap one, with thicker and more secure layer at behind, allowing it to be reuse for few times..

The more expensive stones definitely looks more 'pure' and shines compare to the cheat one..

*i'm damm sleepy while i'm writing these, thus apologies for wrong grammar or wring info in sentence if any, hehe.. @.@

I was holding one of our souvenir from Taiwan, representing 101mall..

Ok i should be oging to bed now, night~ :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keep your eyes on my CNY nails~

Deng deng deng~~
lolx.. This is what i had on my nails on the first day of Chinese/Lunar New Year (初一)~ ^^

It kinda look like nails for christmas or marine though, haha..
cause i just can't keep my mind away from Wan's mani in her i love nail polish, so i though i could make something like that with red and white since it's suitable for CNY, tehee...

Talking about rhinestones, here's a picture showing the outcome from using cheap rhinestones.. lolx... Haih, gimme more red pocket/envelope so i can get more good shining stones~~~~~

Tehee, i made this using empty ang pao (red envelope) for house decoration. Googled a more complicated one but mummy didn't have enough 'budget' of ang pao for me so i come out with this idea~ ^^v

Monday, February 15, 2010

pink gradient with gold shimmer and dried flower

Whatever, i'm too lazy to think of names for this mani.. @.@
I wore this last Friday since it's last day of working before Chinese New Year and Friday is a casual day, i hell not care about getting scold or what of wearing nail polish since this one is pretty with bling yet 'low-profile' enough to be notice, lolx...

Different color of dried flower on each finger~ ^^v
Anway, i just bought the flower from night market on Thursday after working and i can't wait to try it on straight after i finish my dinner, tehee...

I'm using the pink polish that doesn't suit my skin tone bought last year,
2 gradient coats of that and you don't need to make it neat cause we will have blings blings to cover it up later. i use this color is just to hide my white part of natural nails and to try to use this bottle of polish since it's been at the corner for a long time, lolx...
1 coat of gold shimmer,
1 flower for each nails and 2 for the middle finger..

I took these photo on Friday morning when i was having my peaceful breakfast at mamak (indian/malay restaurant/stall that is forever the favourite place to sit down to eat and chit chat especially for supper and football matches for boys~ ) before i enter office..

Rachel loves morning sun shine~ ^^
though i'm still on my bed most of the time, tehee...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red red red and red~ :)

Just wanna wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and Rrawwwrrrrrr~~~~ \(^0^)/
Tehee, may the prosperity follows you all in the year of tiger~ :D

Okay this was the mani i did a week ago, as well, just to make me feel back home cause i have to stand for 'naking' my nails for the whole week in office so i'll stick on my work station from friday night till sunday night, lolx.. ><

Ok i have to say the 2 bottles of Rimmel London polish i get bubbles all the time. yup.
I didn't shake i did nothing to it and it just get slightly lesser bubbles when i apply it slowly, argh..

I remove them except for the tip part to make it a french for Monday, it's still obvious though, cause simply because i'm the only one to paint my nails in the entire office.. T.T

So i took it off on Tuesday.. :/

Love's all around~

Yaya i really need to catch up with you all and my blog.. ><
This was a mani i did last week for valentines, just for sharing here cause i need to keep my nails bared when i get back to work, but unfortunately i didn't get the post it up on time.. :(

It might looks a bit similar with the powerpuff nails i made not long ago, but i just can't make the shape of love away from my mind.. :p

I use dotting tools to color the pink area,
then the white love,
stuck'em with rhinestones~ :D

Ma Winne and Stitch(the bottom right corner showing only his backside cause he's hanging on my camera, lolx) kiddy from Watson~ ^^

More to come since it's Chinese New Year now and it means no working~~~~ ^^v

Monday, February 1, 2010

Polka polka~

One more mani to show before i go to bed.. ><
Tomorrow's a busy day for a launching event~

As you know from the title this is a polka dots mani, but first you gotta start with a base color~

My favourite blue polish from The Face Shop BL604~ ^^

Ops no photos on 'tutorial', hehe...
But i'm sure you can tell how i did it, right? :p
Dot the white polish into a vertical straight line, follow with turquoise (Skin Food BL503) on each side of the white, then darker one at the side (Rimmel London 819 green with envy), lastly with smaller dots, with white polish again in between the turquoise for a optical gradient look..

Since i only have chance to play with polish on my nails on weekend, how can i only have 1 design~ talking about this, i realise i forgot to take down photos of another mani i did before this taking idea from LOVE4NAILS You tube nail guru.. ><

Ok i think i'll probably have to leave my blog no-update for a week again, or maybe longer.. ><>

envy greeny french~

I'm back~~~~~~~~~~~ T.T finally..
So Sorry guys i'm really pack with training work! Weekends are left for sleep drama hang out and eat~~~ @v@ And sorry again i have to be rush cause mummy is bringing us out for shopping~~~~ yeah! XP Chinese New Year is coming soon so it's time to shop for new clothes~ haha....

I'm not sure if it's my lap top prob or what, i can't arrange the sequence of photos here.. ><

I did the french with Rimmel London 819 Green with Envy free hand,
then added flakes(right hand) and rhinestones(left hand) on the outline of french..

Seriously, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this polish, bubbles keep coming out everytime i use it.. ><
Jin does it do the same thing with yours? :p

Ok i gtg, mummy's waiting, will try to upload the rest of nails i did these pass weekend tonight~ bye^^/