Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chili Red~

It's me again~~~ lolx..
Well, i thought that 101followers should follow by 101post as well since i have 2 more to go, so i'll try to make another post up soon~ haha..

It's just a simple Konad French nails that all of you would do better, cause i'm too bored! :p

Bought this color recently, but i like the bottle color better, as it's slightly darker and looks creamy-ier, anyway just to give it a try..
Free hand french..

Then Konad with m3..

you can see i have m7 on my right hand, again, i'm too bored..

And actually this was my inspiration.. :p
i have no nice stones now so i replace it with Konad.. Having problem buying quality SHINY rhinestones.. ><

And definitely check out Cynthia's blog if you have not! i wish i'm in her country Singapore so i can visit her always and have myself nice nail art^^

Well, did a pedicure as well, i'm so red, haha...
** My feet are still shy in front of camera, deleted so many photo of them and only only 1 that is presentable.. >v<

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cause it's thistle color with butterfly, lolx..

Sorry for not updating for quite some time, i been at home almost everyday rotting here and there, didn't have to motivation to pain, as to leave nails breathing too. Because uni is opening soon, that will be my 'picked season' to start my painting 'session' again.. :p

Bought this lavender polish last week so wanted to try it..

Didn't have any idea how to decorate them so end up simply Konad-ed it, haha..
I think it would be nice that all 4 pattern to be a individual series of design, what do you think?

Konad m39 and 53 were used..

i have the habit to only paint my nails at night, so had problem on the lighting, as i prefer natural lighting that 'spotlight' the color better.. But i'm owl/vampire (夜猫子), night time is my active time, haha...

Till next time, take care~^^/

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thanks to all your supports that i have now 100 followers~~ ^^

Muack muack muack muacksss~ ^^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pastel Polka polka~ ^^

Yee yee yee^^

Finally I found some pastel/cream polish~~

I was not sure whether should I take them when I’m in Watson cause they are consider as no-brand polish (maybe they do but the price and quality does not say so. :p) and I was looking for better quality ones.. But anyway, since it’s affordable with promotion, I ended up picked 2 of these colors..

How can I not try it once I’s home?! Hehe.. Well the polish is a bit watery to me, but I can work with it by applying 2-3coats to increase the ‘opacity’.. I pick the light turquoise 1st but end up I like the grey more, but both looks nice on my hand~ : )

I like creamy colors with polka, so here is what i did today~

dots dots dots~~

So these are my ingredients for the nail design..
Komeie (no-brand polish) in turquoise S041
Komeie (no-brand polish) in light grey K035
Skin Food White BW704
Elianto (beige) Bisque 06
Dotting tools

Step one base coat of course~

Step two paint any color you prefer as base color. I have turquoise on pinky, grey on ring finger and so on..

Step three second coat for each color..
(ok i know i over-edited these group of photos, i just dont like the lighting, making my hands look old and dark.. ><>

Step four ok i forgot to take photo of the dotting process and the ribbon, but i think you guys can definitely get it.. i 1st paint the beige polish a ribbon, then added white polish to outline it..

One more nice nice photo of the nails with shirt i just bought^^

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bling, and bling~

Been kinda lost in nails lately, in life as well, nothing inspired me, grrhh… I remove and paint and remove and paint and yet I get nothing nice and satisfied.. ><

End up I remove everything off my nails.. T.T

Maybe I know why. I’m quite into cream nail polish as hang around on some nail blog, but in fact I have only 1 or 2 cream in my ‘collection’. It’s quite hard to find ‘drugstore’ nail polish with cream color over here as the trend going on is on glitter shimmery type.. : ( (OPI is so dam expensive at local here, normal brand is around rm5 – rm20+, but OPI is rm59, even it’s not in Ringgit Malaysia but imagine the huge difference, wuwuwu.. )

Sorry for only uploading 1 photo, here I replace with my cute kitty~ ^^

She’s waiting me to feed her. They now know the language of feeding, haha.. Because we leave them out of house to live, whenever they heard the key sound or door one, they will run back to us and sit in front of their meal ‘box’ (what’s that call actually? Lolx can’t remember), stare at it and then at us. ^^ or else they will ‘meow meow meow’ like no tomorrow until we gave them cat food.. tehee..

I saw this cute little baby stray kitty when I was having my meal at outdoor food stall during internship. She/he was walking around hopefully to get some food from the floor or people eating, I ‘talk’ to the baby, she/he came over and look at me, like this. I quickly snap photo when she/he is attracted to the Stitch (one of my fav Disney cartoon^^) hanging on my camera. Then only I feed her with some leftover..

Ok till next time, have a nice weekend~ Meow~^^