Thursday, August 26, 2010

sweety white polka~

Ello guys~ ^^ hehe, just realized i have not been updating for 10days! >v<>

So i finally took off the fakies and my nails is 'crunchy and crispy' after frequent filing and sometimes removing 3D acrylic or stones peels off few layers of my nails too. i'm gonna chop them all short shortly, but at the mean while since i barely succeed to keep my nails long, i decided to do some nail art for long nails. :)

Inspiration taken from July's Nail Up.

Start with white polish as base...
I dont understand why bubble always like to visit my nails?! ><
amazing thing is that they will turn to bigger bubble after a day or two. ggrrhhh...

I dont have big flakes as shown in the mag, so i replace with what i have.
mix gold and bronze flake to stick on with dotting tools, but too bad not much difference they all looks like gold color.

pick few nails that you would like to draw the bow. you can stick stones or acrylic, but i want something simple and fast, so i use silver thin tip brush to outline the bow, then fill in the space with pastel color polish..

done~! ^^


Anyway, did this design before the white polka, but thinks it's not really to my style and not cute or sweet or cool enough so i remove it right after i finish doing it. :p

Do stay toon will update again tomorrow~ ^^/

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rachel'graphy: Watchaaa~

Just a random post showing off my latest online purchase 'toy', thought i'd share it with you all, hehehe...

Rachel likes Online shopping.

well, only on certain product to be exact. :p

I normally shop for top. Online shopping does has its advantage:

  • OMG it's so much cheaper than shops in mall, now i feel ridiculous whenever i see the price tag! *faint*
  • continue from the point above, you can definitely find cheaper cheaper and cheaper price for similar items, all you need to do is just compare more before you decide to spend the $$
  • Fashion in Malaysia is catching up but majority shops and majority humansss here are still living in their own world or they just dont care, online shop that imported apparels from Taiwan and Korea are much more exciting!!! @v@

but at the same time, i sometimes get frustrated too:

  • Item's quality received not as picture shown as in the web site
  • Clothes' button missing and you have no chance asking for it back cause it's either at the factory/ the distributor/ the seller/ simply disappear in the air
  • Tired of waiting for the clothes to reach your door step (some are ready stock that can be delivered on the next day while some are pre-order where seller collect a bunch of order list then only they send invoice to distributor from another country)
  • Difference of size, especially for bottom apparels. ><
and blablablabla i did online purchase for few times so there might be other issue i have not encountered.

I think i talked too much. XP
All i wanna show in this post is just about this no-brand watch i just received today. ^^v
Ok the quality was not equally to the $$ i paid, but i can just black list that shop and look for new one, haha..
I bought tops most of the time online, 2 bottom that failed to meet my size (still upset on it ><), a pair of Converse-like shoes and then this watch. :)

Ok i'm done here, time for bed! ^^
Good good night and sweet dream guys. and
Good good morning remember to have your breakfast before heading out~ ^^/

ps* sometimes i just cant be bother to pissed myself off for adjusting the font color (the disadvantage of on9 shopping that part in white) but blogger just dont listen to me. ish...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

sweet lace~

Ok ok am back~~ ^^v
Was really lazy lately, feel like going for a vacation or like leave everything back for a weekend for my own from works.. ><
Only did 1 design for this week and it's only on right hand, haha.. i feel stress looking at my left hand full of nail glue and stones to be remove, lolx.. anyway 90% of the stones are still sticking nicely except for some small silver beads near tips are gone cause of washing clothes and plates, cool~~~ that makes me feel like keeping them to see how long can they survive, hahaha...

So this is the design i came up with this week. something simple and easy to archive and let's get started..

As you can see i'm still wearing fakies, it's been 3 full weeks and i'm surprise they are still on my nails without any sign of peeling. I'll probably continue wearing them till they drop off by themselves, haha..

Since the fakies comes with the natural pink (as they are meant for french nails if you look back on my previous posts) i'll leave it as the base color.. you can go on with any nude or light pink polish as your preference...

Next run through the entire nails with glitter polish. Sorry i didn't capture the bottle to show the color, it's kinda like white glitter in clear polish.. Just to add the sweet and girly feel to it, and to give some shine of bling bling... :p

This step can be archive in few ways.
I use 3D lace mold to make these, then just stick on nails when it's dry.
Or, you can choose any lace pattern you like from google and draw it on with white polish..
Or, just make small and big dots referring to my photos, it works the same after all.. :)

Top coat it and you're done..

It was already late evening when i finish doing this nail art, and i fail to snap a good one with natural light as it's getting dark. End up i force to switch on flash light. ><

Oh, did i tell before i hate flash lights? it makes my face looks scary.

But whiten my fingers and the lights can cover all 'wrinkles' on my hand to create the 'blurry-ness' that i normally have to edit with Photoshop, haha...

So, until then..
Everyone take care and be good~ ^^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tag me tag you: I love your blog!

Sorry for the late post Alice! ><>Alice for giving me 'I love your blog' award last week, it's so sweet~ ^^

Hmm, but i'm not gonna give it out to any selected blogger, since i'm not always 'here'.
And actually i feel sorry that i seldom leave comment when i see nice design and have so many sweet blogger to comment in my blog for support. I just dont have the habit to perform the 'comment' action ever since i start blogging. ><

But! this doesn't mean i do not care about others, i read all my following blog and some other nail blog whenever i'm free to do so. i support 'silently', haha..

Ok anyway, new post coming up soon so stay toon~! ^^

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bronzygolden bling & Stones in garden

Hey everyone! Sorry for keep you all waiting, here comes my sparkle shimmer blingblingbling nails in 2 different designs~ ^^

Am still wearing my fakies since they are still sticking nicely..
This 1st design is more 'low-profile' and simple but still having the bling-ness at the same time..

The base is actually nude color from the fakies' french.
Added a layer of silver shimmer gradient.
Used bronze and gold flakes in between the nude and gradient..

Idea and inspiration taken from Cynful Nail's blog.
Credit to her chrome stars inlays post..

And here comes the Japanese style's bling! hahaha...

Hehe, got a lot of praise from friends and tutors on both designs, so proud of myself, but who knows they are both so easy and fast?! lolx..

ok, ignore me.
stop praising yourself Rachel........... >v<

Using the same silver shimmer polish like the #1 one but on the entire nails.
Then stick on stones, beads and the flowers as your preference..

This time taken the idea from Cynful Nail's pink florals acrylic post..

And since the lighting and feeling is so right that evening, took more photos of the 'background' decoration, haha..
These are actually my ear rings, background 'image' is my denim dress^^

And how's my new header? ^^
edited the blog template to match with it as well, as the previous orange flake light bg doesn't go well with blue header.. :p

Till next time! everyone be safe and take care~^^

Sneak a peak poo~ 0004

Ready for something sweet and bling? ^^