Friday, July 30, 2010

vintage-like flora look~

I got myself Nail Up July copy~^^ went to town nearby 2 days ago and how can i not buy it!!! >v<
Ok so i bought it and i is so happie~ haha.... can't stop the excitement cause i finally own a Nail up magazine. (it's hard to find fresh from Japan nail magazine here.. :( )

If you follow my blog frequently you will know i'm quite busy with assignment lately, so i put on fakies for the sake that fakies need few minutes to stick well on my nails and will stay there nicely without me worrying of polish not drying or whatsoever. And this french design is simple enough to keep my nails looks clean and neat for the time being. :)

Just too bad that is cannot cover my tips entirely cause i still want my 'ori' length to maintain. :(

Anyways, like i say yesterday on previous post, i have some free time today away from assignment, and since i'm eyeing on the nail design on Nail Up cover, decided to transform it to my own nails (i mean the fakies, lolx)..^^

Oh, after i got it and decided to put this design 1st of all, i immediately go get myself the light green (no idea what's that color call. T.T) from The Skin Food, haha..
If you are curious about it, it's BL509.

Until i realize i'm suppose to snap photo for the steps, then i again, realize my camera has to be charge. ><>
But i guess it's not difficult right...

For the flora design, after your base is dry,
simply use your thin brush or dotting tools, like what i used,
draw green short line (the leaf) and then with blue short lines (whatever, to add some layers to the patter) and lastly fill up with light red and red (as the flower).

I replace the gold balls with small flakes as it serve the same purpose..
you may also dot it with gold polish with dotting tools..

Not really use to the fakies's shape on my nails, looks more round. :p
but as what i notice, the polish dries faster on fakies compare to real nails. wonder why?

Ok, till then, everyone take care and be good~ haha..

pastel french nails~

Hi there~ ( ^^)/ i'm back again~hehe..

This time, pastel french with black base, an modified design i saw from Wan's blog on the post about Dolly wink's new polishes..

First i started with black polish as base..

Then pastel peach orange with curve shown in the picture as french..

1 big dot of same pastel polish on the middle, and 2tiny one on each side..
Cute not??? ^^

Oh by the way the background was actually my new top i got from online shopping, it's a white T with leopard face on it. but the leopard looks a bit emo rather than fierce, lolx..

Ok, actually i just got my nails painted with another design and i can't wait to share it up!
But since i have no class tomorrow and assignments decided to release me for few days from it, so, i shall not stuck too many nails of mine to you guys 1st, hehe...

Night and Ohayo~~~!! (^^)/

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Colors! + Meow^^

This is not really a nails post, but rather Rachel and friends, and my long time no show kitty~ ^^

Did this colorful nails for Amelia last week, she's going weird lately, liking all bright colors such as hot pink which i'm afraid and hate it! XP , think it's assignments that driving us crazy, haha...

Ahem... and seems like someone else has got into the poison of assignments..

that just cant leave us alone.

To stop her from making so much 'noise' in photo, took a photo of her cute cute fingernails too.. haha..

And together with that, that is my class rep May~ ^^ hehe..

By the way May hates cat i love cat, haha....

"what a boring evening it is, haih~~~"

Meow~ ^^

Saturday, July 24, 2010

plaids in black & white~

Hey there, am back~ :)
and i still have assignments and mid term queuing up... :(

I had few more nails to show before this, will post it up when i'm free enough to do so..
At the mean time, let me just share what i have..

dang dang dang dang~~

Got inspired by asami's design from her you tube channel, though i can come out something similar..

I had this fake OPI polish in dark silver some time ago. But the thing is, i cant capture a good photo of its real bottle color. ><
Anyways, just pick a base color as your preference..

Add white stripes on each nails.
it can be horizontal or vertical like how asami did, but i just leave them all in horizontal..

Use black thin tip polish to make lines as shown, and you're done.. :)

Here is what i had on my right hand, using light grey as base..

nice eh? hehe...
Simple and sweet for the time being that i dont have much time and energy on nails..

I just chop my nails short, got a bit tired of maintaining on long nails. Since i dont have strong and hard nails, i have to always keep an eye on them in case the clumsy me broke them anytime. ><

Ok, till then, take care everyone. Muacks.. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sneak a pee poo~ 0003

Sorry guys!!!!! still stuck in assignments, but feel really sorry to you all so here is what i can show at the moment~ will be back soon for full design.. :)
Love you all~ Muacks^^

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue like Pepsi~

Aloha~ ^^
Since we had a tough time on assignments, Amelia suggest that we should go out and have some good time.
So the next day we head to nearest town (our campus and hostel is kinda at a rural area) to have some good food~!!! yum yum^^

FOTD (Fact of the day):

Rachel is very willing to have Japanese food EVERY meal in her whole life~@v@
But not for shashimi yet. XP

Amelia with her pork rice set, and my cold soba set with tempura prawn that is beside her, haha...^^
We had a real good time enjoying good food with reasonable price, ahh, i can still feel the tasty soba soup with generous white radish and ginger inside~ hmmm~~~~~

Yours truly~^^

Tehee, saw Rachel and Amelia in the glasses?

After lunch, we head to mall to get our nails done~!^^
Ok it's true that i can do part of the skill that manicurist in the salon can do (and we know our nails better), but isn't just so relaxing and comfy to sit down peace your mind and let the pro the do the job?

It was a small salon but the girls are quite friendly.. we had pedicure treatment and hand nail art, i wish the foot massage can be longer, hehe..

I'm so sorry that i forgot to capture Amelia's manicure and pedicure, but here's mine..
Just request for a simply sparkling light gold glitter colour, the girl who did it for me add 1 more layer of gold flakes without charge, hehe... I'm thinking of adding stones and pearls by myself later on.. :p

My Pepsi-like nails...
Didn't realise about it until i came back home and this thought just pass through, maybe with a little help from me to add red polish would make it a great one as a Pepsi lover^^ yee~

Dark blue base with white, light blue, black, and silver waves..
I feel weird to have the same pattern all over my nails... XP