Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Sorry for the late wish and the nails! >v<
Bought Konad m14, m77 and m83 for myself as Christmas present~ <3 Gonna use them for new year nails too!
Cute mirror from xmas exchange session

Say hi to my new friend! guys, this is beh (bear), beh these are my sweethearts~
Anyone, Steiff? It's a handmade teddy company from Germany and it launched their 1st outlet at Malaysia last week. I've invited for the opening (representing my company) and i get to choose a key chain as door gift! So sweet from them.. >v<
I'm not sure which is the official site but here's one i found for USA. Take a look on those cuties~ <3 them all~

Ok enough for now time for my facial mask time~ 
Merry Christmas again and Happy Holiday!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chocolate yum yum~

Hey i'm back again..
Did few designs this week but didnt manage to snap photos, no worries just some french one. :)

And for this one, hee, kinda lazy lately for creative one, just a combo of Konads..


Thought to stay at home this weekend but end up mum wanted to perm her hair so accompany her to the mall, and that brought me back 4 pieces (i know it's kinda out already but i finally saw noodle skirt here, and i bought it cause i cant be more excited that i have a similiar one with Michelle Phan^^v).
Shall take photo of them i guess? tehee... 

Ok time to bed, i just chop my nails short and round and i think i will put on pastel/cream polish that i just bought^^ Year end just makes me so in shopping mood, tehee..
Till next time~