Friday, August 21, 2009

Dot dot greeny nails~

So since i still got some time now, post~~~!

i apply half of my nails green,
then dot dot dot~~ with dark blue dark green polish on the part without nail polish but leaving the 'reverse french' empty..

Then add dot dot dot of gold glitter for some 'shinesssss'...

The Face Shop base coat
The Face Shop top coat
Elianto Night glitters19
Elianto Racing green18
Elianto Indigo shine 15
The Face Shop YL702

With my supper breakfast Maggie cup noodle behind... TvT

Pink pleasure 101~

Ok just finish report and am waiting for class, so faster post up something.. @.@

This is what i bought form my last haul, i didn't test that time, and now only i found that..
it's not my color.. T.T
It looks really nice in bottle, but doesn't match my skin tone and make my hand looks more yellow-ish.. ><

Can't really see the real color in picture..
But i remove it after i came back from class, then change to another one which i will post it later..

The Face Shop Nail pleasure PK101~

Tired.... *yawn yawn*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stripe French~

*late post due to internet connection problem*

I seriously need to work on drawing lines! >< Danielle and Kae's blog on this french, i wanted to give it a try, but problem is i don't have much thin tip polish, 1 already dried up, another transparent light green with glitter is not bright enough for me on this mani, so i have to pick the last one which is purple glitter one..

Start with black french tip with 'pointer' shape..
Nails still look nice here, but......

Then the lines.... ><>can may hopefully see some improvement in the future from myself, lolx.....

**(photo taken with my stripe legging that looks like my nails, tehee...)
My hand shakes whenever i try to really concentrate.. T.T
This is actually the re-do version, i did it with white lines using my acrylic but it looks worse cause i don't have any thinner tip brush, can't stand on the thick lines so i remove everything and start all over again..

The Face Shop base coat
The Face Shop top coat
Elianto Twillight zone40
no-brand thin tip polish

Saturday, August 15, 2009

reverse indian french~

So after i remove the acrylic paint from last post, here's what i replaced..

I just tear out the acrylic paint, the beads does not affect and still stick tightly on nail, in stead of removing it i just cover with new nail polish..

Dark pearl red polish but ring finger and thumb with dark pearl blue,
then sparkle with glitters, green one on red nails and gold one on the blue..

Kinda like mystery Indian feel, i think...

The Face Shop Base coat
The Face Shop top coat
Skin Food RE102
The Face Shop BL604

Flower Eggy nails~

This will be a nail post all about acrylic paint and with many many glitters!! tehee...
I kept my acrylic paint away for quite some time and suddenly decided to use them for nails, here's all the stuff i've used~
** you may change all the acrylic to nail polish, as i'm just having fun doing it like that.

The Face Shop base coat
The Face Shop top Coat
Green bronze and purple glitter
Silver small beads
Acrylic paint in white and yellow
Orange stick
Flat pain brush (not shown in picture)

After base coat,
I used flat pain brush and dip it in white and yellow acrylic, one end in white and another end in yellow,
then draw out the flower shape near your tips, with yellow paint as the center of flower and white as the patels,
use silver beads to make a curve line like french tips between the flower and the 'pink moon shape line' ( hope you get what i mean..),
fill the empty space with purple glitter around the flower,
top coat and that's it..

I really wanted to paint it as a flower like how those gurus taught in You tube but i guess i failed,
cause me and my friends think it looks like fried egg in stead, lolx...
green glitter on index and ring finger while purple one on middle and pinky..

I have different pattern on right hand..
Using the same color but do it as french nails (but a thick tip one..)
paint white acrylic on nails and shape it like french nails but with wider tips,
added yellow after that to make as gradient, (but i failed i know, still leave it like that since it looks cute too..)
add lots of bronze glitter covering the line and slightly spread the pattern out..

This is the 1st time i paint my nails with only acrylic in stead of nail polish, but seems like it doesnt work well..
I was doing a mock up for my group assignments and been cutting pasting and such for almost the whole day, thus the paint on tips there peeled off so ended up i scratch and pull them out after that, since it's acrylic, and re do new one..

Rachel likes white, but i still dont understand why white nail polish always fry faster than other colors... T.T

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tag Picture Tag You~~

Kae Tagged Rachel!
And what Rachel have to do next?

The Rules:
1. Open your 1st photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

So this is what i have on the 10th photo in my folder, my cute little kitty~ ^^

(The watermark is of my another blog..)

I had 3 cats at my hometown, the mummy cat DiDi and 2 of her daughter, Hoppie and this cute Whitey Finger~ ^^

Weird name huh, cause we cant figure out what should we name them, so we leave it for quite some time until we can think of one, lolx..
Why Whitey Finger? cause she has kinda orangey red fur but her legs and stomach are white in color, we thought it's cute so named her that.. tehee..

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago when i went back hometown, she's playing hide and seek with me when i try to take photo of her, and finally manage to capture a nice one under the cupboard..

So Rachel shall tag some people now!

The Princess of Polish

and the rest that is reading my blog~~
Let the taggie goes all around!

And Rachel loves cute kitties~~ ^^v

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Golden sand Part2~ with cute bow^^

Since i let my toe nails rest for quite some time, it's time to let them bling!
Actually i did a pedi last night but i ruined it,
forgot it's still not dry and i keep on moving stretching my leg while sitting in front of lappie,
the pattern smudged... ><

But anyway, it's not really pretty, so i got a better excuse to redo again...

Tehee, my still-a-bit-shy-facing-'camera' toeeyss..

It's shorter now cause the left thumb split so i have to file the rest short..

Did the same design with my finger nails, but with a more bronze color..
Man i have no ideas on how to take photos of my toe with nice angle... T.T

Hee, finger and toeey...

I got a cute crown for finger nails, how can i forget about toe?

Reading Cynthia 's blog make me kinda crazy for 3D or acrylic bow and flowers, but since i have not chance going saloon for one, i can make my own~ with acrylic paint, hehe....

New readers please read this post with better explanation on 'express-pattern-by-acrylic-paint', lol...

A cute bow for thumb~^^
Okay this pictures make my feet looks so smooth haha...

Kinda Japanese style huh.... ^^v

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haul + Golden sand~ + 'kid's' nails~

Rachel went to town with uni-mates for club's event preparation after class, to search for materials needed since there's much more choices out there...

After hours of buying bargaining and such, we got much time left!
Tehee, how can i miss it~
So Rachel went to The Face Shop as they are having sales now...^^

I don't want to get myself into trouble for $$ again like last month for over spending on entertainment, so i only bought those that 'i need' and some of 'i want'...

From left to right~
The Face Shop top coat cause i haven tried their top coat before..
The Face Shop base coat to re-stock my old one is gonna finish..
The Face Shop Nail Pleasure YL702
The Face Shop Nail Pleasure PK101
The Face Shop BL604 for re-stock as well, i can't believe i will buy a same color again!
But this one, is really worthy.. @v@ damm pretty dark pearl blue~

How can i wait to not check out immediately what i bought?!
Well not really immediately, but straight after i'm home, heaheahea..... >: )

I wanted to start with the gold glitter..
First file trim and base coat of course, my cuticle is still nice so i didn't disturb them,
then i use a pearly brown nail polish and only apply it half of my nails avoiding the area near cuticle,

you don't need to wait till it's dry to proceed,
so next i took the gold glitter and apply on the brown, and drag some to the empty area that i have not touch but still leave the bottom without nail polish, wanted to create gradient..

I just apply one coat of the brown, you may put 1 more coat if the color you're using is not pigmented with only 1 layer of color but since i'm ok with that i just leave it..

Wait to let it dry,
i use rhinestones to create a cute little small crown on my ring finger hee....
3 purple water drop shape one, 8small silver balls and a bigger rhinestone..

Finally seal your design with top coat and you're done~

Too bad the camera just can't show how shinny it is in picture... ><

I'm tired yesterday night so i just made the crown for left hand and leave the right plain with only the gold glitter...
It's still nice and pretty though, like what i see in nail saloon do for basic acrylic nails...

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat

*Elianto Silky brown 07

*The Face Shop Nail pleasure YL702
*The Face Shop top coat


Wondering what is it about 'kid's' nails?
Here it is~

Cute right?! small small nails with sweet sweet mani of Amelia, haha....
Well it's not really so 'kid' in photo, if you see it in real life, this nails looks small and tiny on a girl with 170+cm tall (i guess so, just remember she's taller than me haha..)

I have Amelia doing nails with me when i was just about to start doing my mani,
she came after i finish my dinner, she trim her nails short i remove my old mani, finish filing, and here we go~~

We do nails for our own this time in stead of helping her to do,
i think doing things by your own is more fun anyway, haha...

She put on a milky light pink as base, then Konaded with m71...

While waiting for her nails to fry, she help me on my right hand and also one more coats of the gold glitter on left hand, cause she wants more bling on them~~ ^^

Our going-to-be-signature pose of our gang, haha....
you will understand what i'm saying if you follow my first blog, tehee...

Yea we always get crazy easily....

Ok, enough for here, gotta continue posting on the other blog, have to make both side 'match' on the date, haha....

Elegant Lacey vs Bronze lacey but all fakies~

So i mentioned i'm wearing fake nails form last post, and here it is...

Bought is for quite some time but didn't have the mood wearing it, just thought it looks very nice so i bought and keep it...

I file it down to the length that i'm comfortable with, so i don't need to make myself spending time getting use of having long nails (at least longer than my current one..) for just few days...

I get frustrated on the second day, cause i can't play with nail polish whenever i want, but i still wanted to have long fake one, so i took it off and wear a new set of nails...

Unlike the previous one, i draw and paint this set of nails..

Nice not? hee....

But it only be on my nails for few hours, before i got frustrated again on them.
Not that i don't like what i made, but emo problem i'm just not happy with anything i'm doing... T.T never mind, i'll be fine soon...

Ok i'm tired and sleepy now, show you guys what's on my fingers now tomorrow after i came back from uni good night world~

And thanks to those who comments and subscribe my blog, i really appreciate it!
Muack! :p