Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rachel'graphy: My graduation trip to Sabah, Malaysia

You might be interest to google where's Sabah located in my country so i wouldn't need to explain more, here's just some phots to share with you all how my 4D3N graduation trip looks like if you like blue blue sky green green trees and soft soft sand at the beach... :p

the morning of Kuala Lumpur, city + home of mine

water fall~
cute island to welcome me to the east coast

we went for hot spring to stimulate our blood circulation (that was really hot and our skin all turns red cause of the warm temperature of the water)

water fall for 'fish spa' (unintended when we find out the fishes are all around our feet and trying to 'eat' us, lolx)

new zealand look-a-like cow farm

Never we saw scenery like this in any other cow farm in my country, especially when this one is located at hill near Mount Kinabalu and the weather was freezing cold~ 
Out of my perfect imaginary of a cow farm, the beautiful farm smells like hell! forgive me but when there's GROUPS of cow having meeting session all over the field with bullshit cow's defecation that's not clean up, you'll see heaven soon. =="


Day 3 and it's island hopping day~~~ ^^
we took boat from the city and hopped from Pulau (island) Manukan to Tunku Abdul Rahman park and had a great and tiring day playing with sun and fishes~ you can already see groups of baby fishes swimming in front of you at coastline (i hope i get the right terms :p) and cute colorful fishes when the seawater reach our chest.

parasailing for the first time

Oh and last but not least,my nails during the trip~
Nothing special just something to cover my nails as i know my nails crack or split easily when it touches water for a long time.. :p

nails of the trip
 I hope you enjoy the photos and i'll see you soon again~ :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[past tense] New year nails~

Without further ado, pinkish pearly flowery blingy new year~

so not me, for the color i mean, lolx~

You may already find it looking familiar if you read Jin's blog about her new year nails as i took hers as guide, credit to her~~ :p

click to read hers!

What do you think of the photo arrangement?
do let me know your opinion by commenting. :D

Shall leave now, baking cookies for Chinese/Lunar New Year~ ^^

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm mad

about my header!!!! ><
Why cant blogspot let me get a nice and clear image for my header just because i lengthen my blog's width??!!!

I HATE YOU~~~~~~~! grrrrhhh...

ok done with complaining and mumbling, shall leave it like that for the moment, tired from trying and adjusting, night guys~ zzZ... :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

[past tense] Christmas nails~

Yeap, here i am again. :p
i feel so guilty for saying sorry continuously but i have to, for all of you that has be waiting for my updates. >v< love you guys~~~!!!

if you are aware of my new post below this one, i'm letting my nails to have a break in a week or 2, and wish that they will be strong again to start my new round of torturing, lolx...

So here is what i had during Christmas time. i modified the designs from Nail Up November copy, which originally looks like this:

Im not really to the 'framing' designs (like what you see on the thumb), and instead of gold stripes, i use what i got (gold flakes) as replacement..

left side~
For the stars on ring finger, after the red base is dried, i draw outline of stars and fill in with white before another layer of the glitter gold to let the gold pop out more in the red..So as the small bow on my index finger..

right side~~

The ingredients~~

2 more designs to come soon. Till then take care and be safe everyone~ :)

tag me tag you: The stylish blogger award

for tagging me as one of the stylish blogger~~ :)
So here are the rules to the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7things about myself. 
1. i kinda started to accept pink on me. :p looking for cute pink polish lately, lolx..

2. is keeping her hair long again. they just touched my shoulder now, and i hope i can has the length to tie cute hairstyle during my graduation ceremony at coming March~

3. is looking for job and hope that she'll get a nice one before Lunar New Year.

4. is procrastinating letting her nails to rest from nail polishes currently, and hopefully the 10babies will be healthy and strong again soon~ (yeap they are kinda getting thinner in layers, polishes especially dark ones stain on them very quickly :(  )

5. referring back to No4., meaning there will be lesser post for now. :p

6. falling in love with K-pop gods -- TVXQ. I use to tease my friend whenever her eyes bling when talking about this popular boy group but now amazed by their profession and the charisma on the stage, i feel regret to not know them better earlier. ><

7. i is missing my uni life with heavy assignment. :(

i apologies i fail to get 15 bloggers to give out this awards, but i got 3 sweet ones that i recently found out.. :p

Katrina's Nail Blog  by Katrina
Cosmetic Cupcake by 'Chelle
Ivana* by Ivana

once again i' so sorry for lacking in post lately, as i went for my graduation trip with my classmates, and cleaning up my room and so on. Few 'backup' mani will be up soon while i continue to 'release' my nails for a break.. 
Will be 'officially' back when Lunar new year is here, i promise. :p

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet pedicure~

My new year pedicure = sweet polka + french + bow


Not talking much, *yawn* cause it's time to sleep, haha...
Sweet dream and morning to you and you~ :p

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas --> New year nails~

Forgive me that we are all busy + excited having fun at this festival period, lolx..

Anyway, once again
Happy New Year 
to all~! 

So to cut it short, these are the designs that i did for myself within Christmas to New Year~~ :D

 Not to forget about toeey~


Latest nails will be up very soon..

Take care and be safe~ ^^