Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flowery flowery nails...

Instead of 'stary stary night'... lolx..

First on the beginning, my naked nails~
They start getting a little bit yellow... >< Okay, into the topic..
Was trying to use those Konad pattern that i haven use before,
so today is this m53's turn...

Left right~

Don't understand lo, my right hand nails come out better lately, and the left one sure left some part cacat (smudge), see my middle finger... ><

My cute Ducky~ ^^

Konad m53

Right hand...
Kae's post reminds me of this, if you apply a different base color before the 'surface' color you want, it comes out differently..
I only remember it after i apply my last finger, then i tried to apply black polish on ring finger , then only the dark red, it's really different..

But in this case, it's slightly darker than what i want, so i only leave the ring finger with black base, the rest are 2 coats of the red..

featuring my belly dance belt~^^
Am currently learning belly dance at my uni, just bought this belt last week,
so cool to dance with that~ tehee...^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop Base coat
*Sally Hansen Cotton Candy09 (left hand side)
*Skin Food BW701 (left hand side)

*The Face Shop RD303 (right hand side)
*Skin Food Pedicure Sprakle 02 (right hand side)
*Konad m53
*Revlon Double twist base & top coat

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purple sparkle for you~

Went out with friends day before yesterday, bought this 2 nail polishes form Watson. they're consider affordable with not bad quality, well better than what i thought..

I need some glitter so i bought the left one.
I was attracted by the sweet green blue heart pieces so i have to buy it. ^^ hehe...

I did a mani before this one but it's not really what i want as i'm just trying the polish,
so i remove it after half day wearing that one and change to this..

Again i start with a blank mind coloring the base coat,
then thought that i can match the purple with the only left thin tip polish i have which is also purple, so comes this design..

Left hand side..
It's like a present with ribbon wrapping around, added the cute heart shape too..
The glitter is not necessary but my hand itchy, new stuff in front of me must be 'tried',
so end up happily glittering my 10 finger nails, tehee...

The right hand side..
Still the same pattern but slightly change the angle of the ribbon..

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Elianto Glittery Nickel14
*Bloop nail polish clear silver glitter
*Bloop nail polish clear blue green heart flake
*Revlon double twist base & top coat

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogs of Nails~

Been 'ignoring' my favorite You Tube lately and stuck myself into blogsssssssa~
Friends' friend's blog, artist/singer blogs, comic blog, random ones....

How can i forgot about my all-time-favorite nails one le~? tehee...
So here it is..

KonADDICT, Konad nail art addict (gotta say i love her Konad~!)


The Diva's Polish

Alexlyndra (though i don't know her language, but looking at those nails is more than enough~)


Nail art World

I want more polishes.... :' {

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lady French~

Lesson today, concentrate on only one thing you're doing then only to another.

Well the last mani was allowed to stays on my finger for almost a week, i just can't stop staring at them time to time, so decided to keep then longer..

And yesterday i finally remove them for something new. I was doing the mani in front of my lappie like i always do, and watching Hong Kong drama at the same time.

I always start with picking up a color as base color/french/ any pattern that came to my mind that time, and only think of design i want to create when i'm painting the base on.
I was quite behind from the drama i'm chasing cause of doing assignments, so i'm catching up all the episodes that i've missed out, while doing my nails.

My eyes is here and there between lap top screen and my nails, and end up doing crap on my nails. Not that what i painted is not nice, but just not the 'U huh~!' one that will attract my eyes, so i keep on removing them and redo.

I finally decided to pause the drama and concentrate on nails. >< For stopping from wasting polishes and remover anymore. :p

This is what i first made. It's not consider as a finish look, but definitely not what i want.

And then i browse around the nail blogs for inspiration where i found a sweet one from KonADDICT and decided to follow hers. I don't have the color like hers + you know i don't like pink, i change the base to dark blue.

With Konad m39

But after i'm almost done with the nails, left the ring finger to be done, still i don't feel happy.
Staring at them for quite some time and think think think...

Failed again.

And finally i remove my ring fingers one, finish it with the same pattern as other fingers, but added a butterfly and a rhinestones.
Happier now.

Added some glitter after that, more happier, though there's some missing part of stamping like the one on my middle finger, but i'm too lazy to care since it's not that obvious, tehee...
The outcome is quite nice and lady.

Goods delivered satisfied.
Continue my drama~~ ^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop case coat
*Elianto Indigo Shine 15
*Elianto White 02
*Konad m39
*Revlon Double twist base & top coat
*no brand glitter clear polish where i forgot to include in photo

Ps* My Konad special polished start to dry... ><
And one of my rhinestones dropped after i came out from bathroom bathing.. >< ><

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red. I mean red.

Tehee, so here's one more nails of my buddy Amelia~~
I wonder if fate let us with long nice finger people met, so we can play on nails stuff happily together, wahahaha,
so evil me.. -.-"'

Cause lack of time as we both are going out for dinner with friends, so only manage to do a simple mani, a red one.. Yea like what the title says, i mean RED. lol..

Warm water,
push cuticles,
base coat,
2 coats of RED polish,
and top coat.

They look special by taking photo with flash, it's like spotlightsssss on the performer on stage~
*clap clap clap~~~~*

Ever heard that bright red (yala i mean this RED one) is the most difficult to apply to perfect.
I think other than the naughty bubblesssss, the rest is ok..

Is it all old polish will get bubble on nails when apply? Actually quite geram on it, have to kinda give up those old one which i still like the color.. :( sob..

Tehee, see i got roses from her too~ Got one really RED one but im not holding in this photo, hehe..

All pictures shown in this post are captured edited and credited to both NailsbyRachel and her good friend Amelia.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kiwi the special nails ever~

There, since long i haven did any nails for my friend, presenting one of my close friend's one here..
Deng deng deng deng~~~

Kiwi the fruit~^^
Did a full mani for her since she had never taken good care of her nails,
but i beg she will from now onwards, haha..
Took 4+ hours pampering her nails include toe nails and of course girls talk, but only did a normal one for toe cause the focus is on her hands~~~ tehee...

File and trim nails, soak nails in warm water to then push and shape cuticles, moisture with olive oil since i don't have any cuticle oil, then start the painting part..

I think olive oil do the same thing with cuticle oil too and it's more natural so i never purchase cuticle oil.
Her skin absorb it speedly, so you know what to do from today la har my dear Kiwi?

Half way from the process~
Something different and special for her upon her request,
purple with bronzy gold...
This is also the first time of me doing this type of pattern,
two color placing horizontally to each, the 'mirror' ... haha..

Something that wouldn't change, start with base coat to protect nails,
follow by 2 coats of bronsy gold,
Then the purple, but only with 1 coat cause it comes out well,

Took some time to think of what to do next and finally
Konad-ed the fish net on tips with yellow polish,
and sparkle with glitterssssssss on it,

top coat to seal the design,
and here's the 'rich people' nails.. hehe....

Show off time~

Hehe, since she's more pro in photo taking, i shall let her practice her talent haha..

Finally i got both of my hands on my blog~!!!! ^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Elianto bronsy gold (the label sticker drop by its own so cant get the exact name)
*Elianto Glittery Nickel ~ My rose^^
*Elianto Yellow 23
*Konad m57
*Flame 77 (big silver glitter)
*no-brand silver glitter
*Konad top coat

*All picture shown in this post are taken edited and credited to Kiwi the fruit.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night in the forest~

Tehee, so finger nails done, here's the toeey~ ^^
Still so happy of buying these cute roses~ @v@
Wonder when is my next round to go grab the rest~ teheeee~

Base coat,
2coats of the dark dirty green,
then dot dot dot~~

Top coat,
and you're done~ ^^

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Elianto Night Glitters 19
*Skin Food Pedicure sparkle
*Konad m39
*Konad top coat

Friday, July 10, 2009

Secret Garden i name it~ + Haul

Elianto came out with range of new glitter nail polishes and how can i miss it?!
The sales girl told me last week that there will be new colors coming this week, and when me and my friends reach there, it's a Aaarrgghhhh~~~~~~~!

The bottle is damm cute~!
Well at least it's somthing different than what we will see here ma..

I got 4 roses now~ ^^v

One of my friend's finger, saying 'hi~' to you all... -.-" haha... just simply wanna distract me from taking photo..

Lovely color number 1, Night Glitters 19
Second, Glittery Nickel 14

Racing Green 18 and Indigo Shine 15
Love love love them~~~
Their red ones are nice too, but i just couldn't stand to get these 1st...

Super happy with all i get and cant wait to try them on~
I don;t which one should i use 1st, so i pick 2 of them and made a gradient nails, just so i can have 2 color at the same time, lolx~

I first apply the indigo near cuticle, then faster apply the green one on the rest of the nail.
Drag some indigo along when i'm applying green polish to make it gradient.

Omg, my finger never look that flawless before~ Thanks to my cammy~
camera i mean la, haha.. ^^

Konad m39 next on the tips..
Added a rhinestone too~

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Skind Food pedicure sparkle 02
*Elianto Racing Green 18
*Elianto Indigo Shine 15
*Konad top coat
*Konad m39

Still so happy for getting all these colors~

So my friend, queue up ya~ haha..