Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ok so my assignment time starts again, it'll be on i guess till end of July..

Meaning i'll probably only able to post entry onceeeeeeee in a while, have quite some part to catch up as im sick before this....

I didn't stop doing nails, and i took down pictures too but problem is i dont have time to post it up, as another reason is my line sucks here, have to wait way too long to upload pictures.. ><

So yea, take care guys~ I'll try to update as soon as i can and see ya~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Original design??

Well i'm not sure if anyone comes out with this kinda pattern before, but for sure i didn't refer to any nail blog or pictures etc, it's.... well, it comes from my day dream-ing when i'm doing the right hand nails..

Base coat,
again cut the tape into curve line and stick on nails,
painted the inner part with sparkle dark blue as what the picture above show,

Then konad the rest of the nails with m53,
pick another dark blue from TheFaceShop (the 1st one was dark blue from SkinFood) cause the color is not showing up on nails with Konad,
though to stop here but the nail looks kinda weird because still can see my nail's white tip,

So i added the blue tips on,
and some dots around, white and blue one..
top coat and you're done..

It's kinda like shape of eyes in the middle, but with flowers inside.
It's kinda like curtain's design too, from the flower as well... -.-"' lolx..
and it's also kinda elegant retro style, from the curves and dots...

Whatever it is, it's kinda pretty for me, so it got the premission to stay on my nails then, haha...
Ok, time for bed, damm sleepy right now been typing blog since 10+pm..

Night everyone~ :)

Upside down french~

I'm feeling lazy lazy and lazy lately~~~~~~~
Which is a bad news cause it's time to start all my uni's assignments, someone pull me up~!!!! ><

Though i say i'm lazy right now, there's still 1 thing and the only thing i got 'ohm' to do, that is nail art~tehee... ^^

Cause it doesn't require me to walk around but just sit down get water paint brush nail polish remover lots of nail polish acrylic paint and i can sit down quietly for almost the whole day to 'produce' new design for my creation series~

Again, i will sure share my creation 1 by 1 in the future, when i got the time + i'm not lazy, lol..

Upside down french... hmmm, that's the only name i can think of at the moment...
Cause the curve is the other way compare to french nails...
I don't really like the combination of red and black plus yellow, kinda too bright for me, as i usually prefer to match a more 'low profile' color with bright one, to contrast..

Maybe i should try the same design Upside down again, to let it be the normal french nail? haha...

So horrible! i can see my finger's 'wrinkles' so detail in picture..

Base coat,

use tape cut into the curve and stick on nails to color the red inner part, 2 coats,
then remove the tape and apply black polish, 2 coats as well,
dot on the line in between the 2 color with yellow nail polish,
some clear glitter polish
then top coat...

sorry cause i accidentally deleted photos on how i stick the tape on my nails...

This is the right hand design, next post would be what's on my left hand,
i use to paint different design on both hands, so then i can think of more design to draw, since drawing on real nails is more practical than fakies + to train my left hand too...

Oh ya, my left hand don't shake that much now, but am on the way training her to be more 'fluent' in drawing on both paper and finger~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More ribbons~

Suppose to upload this the day before yesterday, but end up because of my lazy-ness to wait for the picture to be upload like forever cause my housemates is fighting for the internet line with me, what the bla~

forgive me if i sometimes talk malaysian english... -.-"'

Ok, so, did a gradient using the polish i just bought last week from Elianto,
adding layers of polish by leaving the inner part blank and more layers to the tip, to create gradient, which it doesn't really seems to appear successfully at the end..
Nah...Don't care, i just feel like painting my nails, that's all...

With Konad m59 and some still-that-sucks dotting skills..

And these....
*Eliato Party nail color Shocking purple 03 (which is actually not the shocking)
*Elianto White 02
*Konad m59

*TheFaceShop base coat
*and Konad top coat which i forgot to included in the picture
*pieces from cotton ball + orange stick as 'Rachel's nail polish eraser'

And here's the outcome~

I still don't understand, why all my white polish forever dries up faster than other color's polish....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greeny lacey~

Wanna play with polish lately but didn't have good idea what to draw on nails, saw this design from Cynful Nails's post while i'm just simply coloring my nails green, try to follow her pattern by my way..

Her base color is pink but since i already colored my nails green i just leave it...
I don't have pink polish too anyways, maybe it's time to give it a try?

Konad m71, the lacey ribbon one..

Stamp twice..
My hand didnt shake so much this time! But still cant make every nail's pattern look the same. arrhhh...

Use acrylic paint to draw bow on plastic bag and let it dry..

Take the bow out and stick to nails when it's totally dry, top coat and done~
Acrylic dries faster compare to nail polish but polish's 'shiny-ness' still wins though..
anyways, the bow looks like doggy bone in a way, hehe...

Product used:
*Alpha Acrylic no1 Titanium white
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto White02
*Watson no-brand polish sparkly green
*Konad top coat
*Konad m71

Awesome blogs~

Found these 2 blogs while hanging around at others nail blogs and they are really awesome~! ^^

The first one is * Cynful Nails * . It's interesting about the name cause her name is Cynthia and so she change 'sinful' to 'Cynful'.
She's from Singapore and she is a home based nail 'stylist' 'designer' 'artist' ? someone let me know what's the word for it, hee... -.-"'

I got to say i love love love all the pattern she creates with tons of ribbons hearts and full with glitter though i've mention i don't like pink, but for hers it does make my wanna go for pink!
Also for the pedi, now i got somewhere to get inspiration~ hehe... ^^v

The next blog is Mitsue with her * Mini Nail Blog * . She's japanese but currently living at Australia. The way she types is very kawaii and i'm wondering how old is she..

She also owns a web site called * Create Magical Nails * showing lessons and designs. I've been watching YouTube clips to learn everything about nails but her blogs did a good job in explaning different kinds of mani steps by steps, with caring little tips~^^

And by reading their blogs make me even 'exhausted' to try acrylic nails! but sadly i haven seen any stores selling acrylic stuff here. ><

Haih.. :'{

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue and white~

Ok, the nail stickers is not really working to me, 2 of it peels off a lil bit the next morning, maybe the top coat didn't stick well, can't stand cause it keeps coming out half way so i tear it out.. T.T
So.... just did another one and luckily the line is still steady so get to upload on time..

Like the few post ago i use nail polish to draw on plastice bag and wait for it to dry, then stick on my nails.. i only remember to take photo after i take some white ones out, hehe...

2 coats of dark sparkle blue on each nails except ring finger, leave it for white polish..

After they are dried, apply clear polish on the place you wanna stick the pattern on,
black pattern on white nail and white pattern on dark blue ones..

I added dots on tips like french nail..

And oh ya, the pattern i draw is from what i've drawn few weeks ago..
I place the plastic bag on the drawing and kinda follow some of the pattern..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto White 02

*Elianto Twillight zone40
*SkinFood Pedicure sparkle 05
*Konad Top coat

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bling bling sticker nails~

I'm having flu currently and it makes me feel dizzy and sleepy the whole day, i don't really have mood to think of designs so i thought i'd try out this nail stickers. i bought it quite some time ago cause i've seen a lot of these in night market here and it's cheap, but haven got the feeling putting it on cause it makes me feels like i'm 'faking' on doing nail art..

I decided to stick the bottom design one, as that is the only design i like from the entire bunch of these stickers and in this set too, lol..

Clean your nails,
measure the sticker with your nails,
cut out the exceed part on the edges according to the length of your nails,
apply a clear coat and stick it onto your nail when the polish is almost dry to let it stick better to your nails..
last, apply one more layer of clear polish or top coat to protect the stickers..

It only comes with 1size of sticker for each finger, see my thumb one? there's plenty of gap even though i tried to even up both side's space on each nails cause my nail plate is slightly bigger than the sticker, hope it make sense, haha..

Since this is the first time i try on this sticker thingy, i will see how long can it last on my nails..

I like the bling bling silver glitter the most, tehee...
Flu flu faster go away, i don't wanna keep sleeping nap-ing, what a waste of time.. -.-"'

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Greeny orange~

Separate nails into 2 parts horizontally, 2 coats of green sparkle on the upper one..

apply orange sparkle on the bottom part,
then add a line of silver glitter in between of the 2 colors..

Next while waiting for the polish to dry, take a olive polish and draw some curve lines on a plastic bag and wait to dry..

Tried to use this same method on hard plastic box with acrylic paint before but didn't really success cause acrylic sticks stronger on plastic than nail polish so it's hard to take it out..
At the end i just took out 1 from the plastic box but it's spoilt , the rest are still there.. XP

Then saw video clips from Tanja using this way to do nails too and make me wanna try it again, and yeah~ Bingo~ tehee...

Use tweezers to take the polish up from plastic bag..

apply coat of clear polish on the nail
then continue using the tweezers or orange stick to stick it on the nail..

Added some glitter also..
top coat then done~

Product used:
*no-brand dark green sparkle
*TheFaceShop Twinkle orange
*Silver glitter thin tips polish
*SkinFood pedicure sparkle 02
*Artpac white nylon series no.1
*plastic bag

And ya, i like Tanja's video~ :)

Olive-m71 on toes~

Tehee, my toe nails on my blog, though not the 1st time (at the other blog of mine~) but still feel very shy to show them... >v< My 'naked' toe nails.. XP

After base coat follow by 2 coats of olive green polish by Skin Food..

wait till the 2 coats is dried, stamp this m71 image with black sparkle polish..

top coat and done~
Feel weird to see my toes like this... lol..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*SkinFood Pedicure sparkle 02
*SkinFood BW701
*Konad top coat

i just started to paint my toe nails 2 month ago cause i usually only wear sneaker or shoes that wouldn't show my toes but i think it's time to give it a try..
Normally i'll keep polish on toe nails longer than fingers', around 1 week i guess cause it can stay longer than on finger..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plain black sparkle~

Was having problem on uploading photos last night so can only make it today..

This was the black sparkle i bought few days ago from Skin Food and im so excited to wear it after i remove the previous one..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Skin Food BW701
*Revlon double twist base & top coat

Decided not to add any pattern on it to let it stands out by its own, tehee...
This is also been ages i leave plain polish like this, cause i always thinks they should be fun and creative by making new designs...

Does anyone knows how to prevent nail polish away from bubble after applying them on nails?
I always face this problem and could not find a solution... ><
I try stop shaking the bottle, apply thin layers by layers as i always apply 1 thick coat of polish to save time waiting it to dry, but still the bubbles come out, why..............

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mini Haul & Nails for Friend~

Went to mall yesterday with friends and get to go shop in Skin Food before we leave, and bought these~ ^^

From left to right:
*Pedicure Sparkle 05 (Dark blue sparkle, my second love one~ ^^)
*Pedicure Sparkle 02 (light olive green sparkle)
(kinda matte brown with sparkle, my friend ask to buy, so i, have to buy.. T.T haha..)

*BW701 (Black with sparkle, my favourite~!)

================== ***==================

Should post this earlier on, did mani for my housemate last week, she didn't know what pattern to do so i make a dark blue with Konad for her, tehee, my friends likes to play with it..

File trim buff and push cuticle such,
follow by 1 coat of dark blue polish,
then butterfly from m53 on each nails,
also make some dots around the butterfly with white polish,
top coat, done~ ^^

My fakies thumb last week cause it peel off a lot i have to cut it short to prevent from peeling again, but make the skin around pain, so stick the fakies on to protect it..

Wanted to do pedi tonight but seems that i let my toe nails cover with polish too long, so decided to leave it for few days first... :)