Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

An early wishes to everyone of you all the joys of the season and may you have a bright and cheerful Christmas~!
Oh, and Happy New Year~~

tiny little christmas haul + henna

Soooooo sorry for abandoned my blog for such a long time~! Been spending my time with my beloved classmates after my last paper before we graduate.. :)

Bought these polishes when we went for movie..

Christmas package, 3 color + free 1 sticker~

The very few purple that can make me 'wah....' 'wow~' ...

Henna again~! hahaha... left some henna that day so draw on myself again during free time..

i like my photos. :D
and design. lolx..

Wokay, so here's what i got for now, didnt really take care of my nails lately cause too concentrate on playing with my friends, haha...
Till then~ Take care and happy festival~! ^^

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flea market + Henna body art~ :D

So few days ago my uni held a flea market, providing booths for students to do business in this very special day as it was the 1st flea market held in my uni.. :p
So me and my friend Amelia, and another friend purchased a booth selling manicure and body art (henna) sevice and also second hand clothes..

As you see above, it was my manicure corner, hehe...

And, the business was not bad~ :p

Amelia drawing henna.... ^^

Due to the crowd, i only got to snap photo from one of my customer's hand.. ><

Most of the customer prefer Konad cause i assume attracted by the image plate, lolx..

Nice heh? hehehehe...
I draw one~~~ ^^

Amelia left few packs of henna after closing the business, so i took 1 back to try..

i always forgot to take photo of the step of my nail design, so does henna.. ==" lolx.
This was when it's half dry and start coming off...

Drew for my housemates too~!
This is artwork No. 1~

Artwork No. 2~

Artwoek No. 3~

And lastly is on housemates' boyfriend's hand...
He wanted something like skeleton tattoo, i know it looks huge but, whatever~ lolx..

Saw the lap top? that was the original photo.. :p

And last but not least, let's have something cute to end this post, hahaha...