Monday, September 26, 2011

turqoise french

I'm so far so good on my new job and working life of not sleeping and waking up early, how about you?

So i think my company is fine with nail polish, that means i *finger cross* can change my painting as often as i can like how it use to be~ but i guess i will still remain it at once a week -- i need more time to be on bed now. >< getting elder.. :(

Back to the topic, french~ <3

Got this new color from Elianto few days ago, love it but too bad it doesnt suit my skin tone. >< it made my finger looks grey and dark, but i still love it, how?! 
So in stead of making it full, i cut it down to french which the color stays far from my skin (hope you get that..) and added some konad on the lines in nude..

acrylic rose from nails to watch now <3

Nice or not?!
tehee, blinged my watch as you can see from previous post, and i dont feel satisfied yet. so the ending was, more bling~! haha...

i hope the stones stay. :p
11.45pm over here, got to go~ sleeping early with 8hours made my skin condition better now, love~ :p

See ya^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011

matte bisque

i hope everyone is enjoying the weekend~ ^^

my week was ok, still getting use to new working environment but i think i just need little bit of time more and everything will be fine, right? :p

this week will be busy, to keep low profile as a junior, i stick to 'nature'/nude one like this.

pictures tells the whole story, so im gonna get myself prepare for tomorrow and have a good night sleeping..
till then, take care! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

polka doesnt need to be bling

How's lovely doing? ^^

started my work for 2days which is so so, but had a nice weekend going out with family for dinner and celebrating my grandma's birthday. How about you guys? :D

Oh ya, another thing before we go to the nails, i finally change my no-eye-see-gonna-die-anytime old phone (been using it for more than 4yrs! whow~)to this~ ^^

Samsung S Plus

tehee, picture on the right shows you top 3 of bloggers i'm following~

i did mention about having meals outside right? desserts for you all, haha...
well i have no idea what they are suppose to call but you don't think much of the names when the only thing you gotta do is to EAT IT~ :p

clockwise: mango pudding with mix fruit, walnut tart, blueberry tart, dark chocolate 'cup'
 yeap rachel loves lomo-ish vintage feel in ma photos <3<3<3

Okay one more, i promise one last thing before nails. 
old watch i deco-ed today~!!! haha, just a simple one but it's always fun to d.i.y.
So you think nail design today would be a fantastic one? 
You are way wroooooooooooonng! XD
Apparently it's just a way too simple konad i do for my 1st day of working. Did a lace french but it doesnt came out as what i expected so i remove it and stamp these polka on my bare nails without any base color. yup and i made it matte<3

3rd day to office when i wake up! 

i shall see you all in erm.... 5more days? (for me to procrastinate a bit please.. :p)

Good night to me and good morning to you (you know it's you) and see ya^^/

Thursday, September 1, 2011

matte lace in black

How's everyone doing?:)

So this is what i've been wearing for 3-4days already, and i'm very in love with the matte finish look using matte top coat from Orly, the quality was great~ :p

By the way those white flowers are my diffuser for essential oil <3