Friday, September 11, 2009

Tag me tag you: I Think You Are Awesome Girl Award

This will be the second ever tag i did since this blog is here on earth~

And thanks to Danielle~^^ Oh i got to say you and Kae and all others nail bloggers had always made my day:)

I've been watching and reading many YouTubers and bloggers doing this and finally i got the chance to try it too~ hehe..

Ok back to the topic, to do this tag i will need to
*share 10 random fact of me
*and then tag 10 more blogs i love reading..

So here's my '10':

1. I was not so into nails until this year, i only paint my nails plain once in a while before this. The passion get into 'full tank' when i found out many knowledge about nail care and nail art from You Tube and think i could do like how those guru does too. :)

2. Related to the 1st fact, i was addicted to You Tube-ing since i'm start my life in uni and spending whole day on make up channel like Xteener, MichellePhan, bubzbeauty, and MissChievous, and my subscription is getting larger now. The area of interest had become wider to many kinds of style such as gothic, hime gyaru (i guess it's spell like that, din really take note on the name TvT"), cooking, some Photoshop tutorial channel for my homework, and then to nails!

3. White is my favourite color, since small as i can remember. But getting older now i start really liking black and grey. These 3 colors are basic and easy to match with other colors especially on clothing. But when it comes to make up it'll be brown tone color as it's more suitable for asian skin tone. But genarally, i love white.

4. I like looking rain dropping onto car window. it makes me feel relax.. :)

5. I love chocolate, DARK chocolate! But i don't addict to it. Because i get heaty easily from eating stuff like chocolate, chips, fried food and such..+ actually i prefer food with lots of vege or fruit, spaghetti, sushi etc that is less oil and meat. I dont like meat that much, except fish. :)

6. Same to Danielle, i always wish to get tattoo. Or pierce maybe, on nose~ But i'm afraid i'll regret later on and the image that i wanna tattoo keep on changing, so i will keep this until i think it's the right time t do it.

7. I always wish to have chance visiting Japan Taiwan and Milan, to explore Japan's advanced technology and the wide range of cosmetic (heahea...), Taiwan's fooooooooood and Milan's fashion..

8. If there's anyone who's willing to pay me, i'll shave all my hair down. My most extreme hair style is to be bald, but due to the culture here at Malaysia, people will either thought you are going on a cancer therapy in hospital/ you are a monk (i forgot the name for female monk ><), or, you are out of your mind..

9. I love watching America Next Top Model, since the 1st season.. And sometimes i watch Australia and China one too.. But i think Tyra need to control her weight a lot more, as a professional top model.. :*

10. I love kids but i'm not planning to have any baby after i got married. Because it's too stress and too much responsibility to put on and i don't think i can handle the worry-ness and tention of making sure my baby is safe all the time no matter how old is she/he. phew.. T.T

So that's the 10 random fact of me, and i know i'll probably double tag those who already got tagged + i actually less interact with other bloggers so i'm not sure if they would do the tag or not, so i think i will tag those who always keep track on my blog~ hehe...

And thanks Danielle again for tagging Rachel~^^

P/s: I realise i talk a lot.. T.T lolx...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gel nail for the 20 years i've live!!! XP

Rachel went for hair cut today, because they are having anniversary promotion + it's time to me for hair cut!
And their nail saloon which is only beside of the hair one is also having this promotion which is 50% off for almost every service provided in their shop!
Omg, how can i not go for it?!! It's a 50%!!! @v@

So so, before my hair appointment, i went in to their nail saloon with super excited jumping heart~ tehee...
The acrylic and gel are the same price, but as what i found out from those you tube and blog on these 2 types of nail, i decided to go for the gel one,
as i can still paint nail polish onto the gel after i did it, but not for acrylic as it the nail polish will start staining into the acrylic after few times of applying..

After 2 hours of UV light, here's my bling bling nails~!!! ^^v

Deng deng deng~ ^^
loaded you guys with pictures here..
It's just the same but i'm too excited to put all here up^^
My sister help me to take photos of them so i can have both hand appearing here, as usually it will only be one here, hehe..

Oh and i actually ask for extension for my right middle finger cause it's way too short compare to the rest..

My sister's Beijing Olympic panda wants to join too~ hehe..

Extension for middle finger,
then progress to the procedures of making gel nails..
that includes
hydrating my nails, (i forgot what's the proper name to call this step..)
base coat for gel,
1st layer of gel & UV light,
1 layer of the glitter & UV,
2nd layer of the same glitter & UV,
she added some bigger glitter and to UV light again,
1 or 2 coats of clear gel then UV,
after it's dry, clean it with nail remover (i guess..),
buff it to a smooth layer,
top coat.. (i guess, also, hehe..)
cuticle oil,
moisturizer for hand
and you're done~

Though i'm happy to finally try gel nail, but i dont think i will go back to the saloon, or maybe let other nail artist do for me, cause i found quite some imperfection after that.. :(

Like, she didn't file my nails nicely in shape, they are slightly pointed to either left or right side, if you get what i mean..
and she din ask me what kind of nail shape i want until i tell her before she goes too far..
I can say that my cuticles that i pushed looks better before she push it for me, haha.. cause it's not really in a nice curve after she trim the dead skin away..

Maybe i'm just too caution on every little details because it's my own nails + this is my first time.. :p
But i file them again after i came back home, not a big prob so i decided to fix it myself.. :)

^^ let's see how long it can stay on my nails, hehe...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I heart them plain too~ :)

I like paint my nails with colorful one, but i like them when they're plain 'naked' too, hehe..
I feel lucky having natural long nail bed, thought index and middle finger is actually slightly pointed to one side.. ^^

My long long nails~^^ heart you all...

And of course my kitty~^^

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Polka polka french~?

Did this 2days ago after the green one, but only have some time to post it up here..
I'm now in study week, exam starting coming friday.. T.T
Wish me luck, haha...

Duck duck blow blow~~
I use this ducky to cool down my lappie when it's hot too, save my money for buying cooler pad, tehee....

Bronzy brown polish with black dots on the tips..
My black one is starting to dry ae well, so you'll see many tiny lines here n there... ><

My hand always looks nice and smooth in this angle.. @v@

Now you see those lines, cause it's right hand as im not using my dominant hand to paint them...
But looks artistic in a way right? hehehe...

The Face Shop base coat
The Face Shop top coat
Elianto black
Elianto bronzy brown (the sticker went off so can't get its name right anymore)
Skin Food Olive green

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

glitter greeny the queen~

I'm getting lazy of blogging lately, though i've finish with all my assignments, took photos of my nails, but not uploading here, cause of the shitty internet line i have here!!!!! >.<>

Ok this morning i woke up early and have some free time before class, most of my housemates are still sleeping so this is my chance to get photos up here! yeay!
But it's time to go out after that so i leave the typing stuff till i'm back from uni, which is now~ tehee....

Life's been good, everything's fine as usual...
Just that it's ghost festival month now, feel horror when i'm alone in the house, let my room's door open all the time unless i'm bathing.. @.@

My friends all happen to cut their nails short, and left me the only one who's so wanting mine to be long.. Amelia's hand is this, see.. I'm so wish to see my nails lengthy... :(
they start peeling off as they grow, haih...

My nails now.. Which i think it meets its limit to grow any longer cause the middle finger just cant stop chipping and i have to file it down, so not nice you know when the rest are still nice in square.... ><

I was busy a week ago, so thought it's a good time to let my nails rest and breath as much as they want for that period of time.. But i guess i cant stop the habit from letting my nails stay naked so long, so i paint it back once i got the time to do so... hehe...

Feel like leaving them plain like this, but i'm always itchy to do something more, so,

I stick a queen there~ lol...

I heat this nail sticker very much, only use it for few times, just love this kinda patterns...

The Face Shop Base coat
The Face Shop Top coat
Elianto Racing Green 18