Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pastel french~

I'm so sorry for not updating~!! ><
Been busy with my animation assignment till no day no night, sleeping had been upside down "everywhere", wake up in the afternoon and start working, dig myself in Adobe Flash till the next morning, sleep, wake up at noon again.. @@ reason being is midnight is always the best time to concentrate and that's when the internet line is the smoothest so i can download or search for any references i want.. :)

So end up Rachel has pretty panda eyes with huge pores on my face.. >v<

But guess what? i've been praised by lecturer on my effort in front of the class, hehe...

I have to admit i'm kinda nail polish addicted lately. Since i got not much time for leisure activities, i have to cut off the time of doing manicure as well. But the thing is, i can't stand staring on my naked nails for more than half a day. =.="
So to have something fast and simple, i decided to take out all my pastel creamy polishes and do a colourful french nails~^^

Ok just a short post. Most probably new updates tomorrow after class~
A very good morning and sleep tight sweet dream to everyone.. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

white flame..

Before i show you how i did this design, allow Rachel to let her nails to come out for a sun bath~ XP
Dont mind them without bikini or swimsuit right? (hope my jokes is understandable, lolx...)

Long time no bare nails~~ *nails breathing*
My nails have not grow so long for a loooooooooooong time, but now i'm half excited and worried when will they start peeling or splitting.. wuwuwu.. ><

Been wearing nail polish continuously these past week, the only time they are free from these chemical colours were when i'm thinking what to do next after i remove them, and i re-paint them like, straight after all manicure's stuff done..

Ok ok, enough of it it's time to paint~~
I'm sorry i took so long to show you all about this 'crack' nail polish!
It's quite challenging to come out with designs other than zebra or patterns that you usually seen similar to this..

** reason why you never see me in animal print design is that... i just dont like it, no reason...... like how i cannot cope with pink, lolx..

Here's some information you might wanna before start using the crack polish..
  • For crack polish, you will need a base colour before applying it, it doesn't work with only base coat either, i think its the formula of creating the crack ya..
  • You need to apply it when base color is 1/2 - 3/4 dry, it does not work when the base is totally dry or too wet.
  • The thicker the polish is, the wider/bigger the crack will be..
  • From my experience, the polish will crack to the direction you apply it, meaning if you apply it vertically like how we normally apply ordinary polish, it will crack towards vertical, and vice versa..
  • You can use hair dryer with hot air to blow the polish if you want more crack.. but this only happen when it's still wet..
  • The crack polish dries almost immediately after it finish it's 'cracking job', so you can straight away apply top coat or go on with decorations..
And, i think that's it, so let's start~

Since it's a dark red 'crack', i picked white polish as the base for this kinda demonstration while it looks more contrast..

When we are done with 2 coats of white, i immediately go on with the crack.
From middle finger to pinky, you can see how it start cracking..
Notice the direction i apply it from pinky?

My index finger has lesser but wider crack compare to the rest because i put too much polish on it.. :p

Ok i thought the previous one was too boring covering entire nails with the crack, so i remove everything and come out with this design.
I only apply criss cross direction on the root near cuticle, and it kinda looks like fire flame but in darker shades, hehe..

I think its kinda cool giving the crack effects, but not much ideas i can think of, i got another crack polish in black, will show you another design when inspiration knock my door..

So you like it? :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flowery lace~

Tadaa~~~ Sorry for keeping you all waiting, shall i present to you my dearest friend Amelia's mani from me mE ME~~~ ^^ lolx..

Ahem, i apologies that i didn't snap nice photo for whole set of nails, this is so far the only one that looks better, but taken before we completed the 'look', haha..

Beige base,
Konad m71 with dark purple,
and same purple for french..

And how could we miss out my cute 3D roses~?!
(ah, getting more 'proud' of my creation, lolx...)

She came out with this pretty idea and me to 'illustrate' it onto her nails, haha..

So who's next??? XP

** Ok this is my last set of manicure to post before i remove what i'm wearing now, so, till then dont miss me so much~ haha..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sneak a peek poo~ 0002

hmm~~~ Lace is kinda trend in Rachel's world, how would you come up with it?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

black lace french~

Hi everyone~!^^/
hahahahhaha, looking at my sneak peek photo i'm still so excited that i finally succeed on my 1st attempt for 3D acrylic!^^ so proud of myself when i see those babies i made though it's not perfect yet but soon~~~^^

Ok ok shall i start showing you my step by step? ^^

To be honest i kinda come out with this idea from picking little bit of here and there from you tube clips or blogs that i've been reading, and i modified here and there while i'm creating it..
(you all know i dont like to really plan the design too complete in advanced, that's boring to me unless it's a brilliant genius one.. XP)

i 1st start with black french tips in a 'V' direction, just to give design more interesting rather than the ordinary 'C' smile line.. it's suppose to look really like a 'V' when you open your finger straight but i didn't get to snap a nice one.. but you get the idea..

It's optional if you wanna apply 2 coats for the back, but for mine, 1 is enough..
I then added this pretty lace pattern i did using my 3D mold..

Cut the excess lace and you get something like this...

Time for acrylic~^^
i finally accidentally figure out why my acrylic dry fast even i bought the slow dry liquid, simple cause i did not switch off my fan.. =.="
i normally switch my fan to volume 2 or 3, but i turn it to 1 previously when i'm doing acrylic, so i think the light 'wind' is still affecting the acrylic to dry fast. I simply off the fan this time without any thought, when i came out with my 1st bow successfully i was still curios, 'why suddenly i so smart so fast can did it?', after few seconds only i realise it's the fan problem, haha....

And i also take the courage to make a rose (or whatever flower it is) since i still have some liquid left in the glass.. not as perfect as pro manicurist but i think it's pretty impressing~~~ ^^ XP sorry if i'm too excited about it..

I only stick the 3D bow on index finger and thumb, need some time to get use to it before i start getting crazy sticking on all nails.. :p
Added some stones and pearl too! But i'm too excited and lost control that i once again, ruin the design a bit on my middle finger cause my hand itchy keep picking up stones to stuck on it and lost direction i wanted to go.. >v<

Anyways, i still love this design~ ^^
My friend Amelia ( which her nails will be appearing on next post soon!) says the black french makes the stones and bow pops more making it a contrast.. aahhhhhhh, my bow~ ^^

This was taken when i'm on my way to uni,
and simply explaining why i love sun so much~! my finger skin tone looks fairer and more to the color in real life, i can see the nice pinkish-ness of my natural nails, and what's more than making nails looks more sparkling~

You are my sun shine~
My only sun shine~
You make me happy~

forgot the lyrics.. XP

Till then, will post up another sneak a peek poo for next post soon~ ^^v

sneak a peek po 0001

See that see that??!!! 3D bow on my thumb made by me me me~~!!! ^^v
Ehem~ i'm not MIA yet~ haha..
Did quite a few designs lately, but due to i'm concentrating on my assignments (since it's beginning, do how much i can before i get demotivate or distracting, which, can happen in a shirt time, lolx) i haven't edit the photos but before i let you all forgetting about me, here's one and the only to let you all miss me for the moment, haha.....

Maybe i should do more sneak peak in the future?? hmm...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

gaga is crazy

I like her shoes, it's freaking crazy yet stylish enough to walk without the heel!
watched her latest MV Alejandro, the scene i keep on replaying was when this shoes appear. i rewind back x37354196324517239650 to check about the heels.

i wish i could try on it.
By the way i like this outfit too. feminine yet boyish. like me. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Laceey toeey~

Another Fact of the Day:

Rachel finally likes wide screen photos.

Long time no pedicure, just 惜惜 my feet after i finish my manicure. ( sometimes there's some word or meaning that other language can not explain correctly. this words simply means like when you feel sad your papa come give you a hug and you feel better and sweet and warm, hehe..)

scrub them luke water them cuticle them file them moisturise them and paint them and make them smile. :)

Toe nails are not as lucky as finger nails as it's best to look clean and simple with designs, and mostly there's only thumb nail that is big enough for me to play, haha..

Just a simple nice coat of black as base and add on the not-so-obvious 3D lace i made from 3D mold i bought from beauty fair awhile ago.
Before i can snap them after the top coat, i so careless and let them touch the floor, so top coat became 'matte finish', lolx..

My right hand finger nails' 3D roses started to feel loosen, so i just remove it cause i can't wait to do my next design. Feel like doing nails a lot lately, maybe coming back to hostel gave me inspirations. Did another bling bling nails and probably will only show it next week, need to rush for my Animation sub storyboard and drafts to hand up on Monday.

To proof that i really like wide screen 16:9 photos, here i have 2 photos, since i have not been showing my face here for a long time, haha..
I DIY dyed my hair last week, with help from my friend Amelia, who her nails appear in my blog the most whenever it's a 'nails of friends' labels (left one in the photo below)
you probably cant see obvious about my hair color, but i love it when i meet sun light and you can see the mystery red shines, haha...

Well about the caption of this photo, you can ignore it, it's our inside joke among my gang, haha..
Our focus is to show i like wide photos! XP

Till then.. like my new blog template? like?
No you must answer LIKE :D

**shhhhh..... my mum did not know i dye my hair~! XP (which she's been asking me not to, as it's not necessary, that's why i DIY it instead of getting it doen in hair saloon)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rose french~

You must be wondering, how come i update more often lately...
hmm..... cause i simply still have some time to play with nails before assignments come to me.. haha...

(not face of the day but fact of the day):
Rachel is back to blings and shimmery, with french~ @v@

I'm wearing this at the moment, meaning i have no more back ups until i change it, and it'd most probably happen on this weekend, or later.. I'm quite satisfied how it turns out, so i approve to let them stay on my nails longer, hahaa....

To start with it, i put on 2 coats of shimmery polish gradient-ly on the tips.. (in any color you prefer where matches the rose you wanna put on later)

i'm doing it differently on both hands (which i normally do, can't wait patiently till next manicure, haha)
i apply 2 coats of silver shimmer..

I then made the 3D rose with nail art mold and acrylic powder in white, and black for my right hand.
I stick it with nail glue on the tip, and cut off the excess one with scissors before it's still soft, so i will not need to file till i die after that.. XP

Next i arrange the silver beads like lace pattern hanging around the rose, and seal with top coat..
Added some stones on pinky and thumb as well..

*Caption of photo - My classmates says the black rose looks like shxt on my nails from far. XP*

Well for black rose, i use gold cheap stones for the lace pattern.
But ya, it's not shiny at all as it is really bad quality and i am trying to finish them before i get myself better quality stones (which will cost me 876542345678bucks more, wuwuwu...).

Ok ok, time for bed~~~~
Talk to you all later~ ^^/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Haul + Acrylic

Nearly forgot about these photos from last month.. :p
Went to the biggest beauty fair in Malaysia last month with one of my secondary classmate, and got these stuff.. i got crazy looking around on make up, Konad (but too bad the offer is not attractive yet to make me buy any of them), acrylic, and the new baby in taiwan 'crack' polish..

This is what i got~~~~~~~
Not really much but at least i got what i wanted to try, hehehe...

Oop! Jealous is my forever idol from Taiwan Jolin Tsai's nail polish brand run by herself, it's selling over here but quite expensive (msia ar msia why you wanna make those branded thing so expensive~~~), so since they have promotion now, i must have some~!

This is the second crack polish i got, from japanese brand call Fairy..
Will show you all how it works, maybe next post or later~~ :)

And so! Here's my 2nd attempt of acrylic~
(my 1st was really horrible so will not show it out.. XP)

Nice right? but only last for like, 1+ day.. lolx..
i learnt from what Jin told me in her blog and after watching nail tutorial from You Tube reallllllllllly closely, i found my mistake, and guess i have to be more aware on cuticle and lifting, and such... hehehe..

To play with it, i added some lace pattern on my left hand, wanted to make it 3D but clumsy me ended up become this 'beautiful' inlay.. lolx....

Ok ok enough of crapping, gotta be sleeping now have got class tomorrow~~
Night and Morning~ ^^/

Friday, June 4, 2010

White and Gold French~

So this is what i did for Polish Hoarder Disorder's bling bling challenge, and i kinda got the inspiration from the Pink Room Nail Academy and modified it..

i did a wide french with white polish in 2 coats,
follow by the lace, using dotting tools to draw it,
then the glitter gold polish in 2 coats as well,
finally the black line using thin tip brush,
and decorate the ring finger with stones as how you prefer..

Oh ya, so this is the only pink pencil case i bought as i mention at last post,
i use it during my 2nd year of high school if i'm not mistaken..
i use it a lot and the color is kinda faded and if you can see the corner has got blue pen ink, haha..
It's been in my storage box at a corner for years, and finally took it back to use when i was packing my stuff back to hostel, it's my nail utensil case now, hehe..

Ok, i think a new post on Monday or Tuesday, as i'm back to my hometown for weekend and left my nail stuff at hostel..
Till then, take care~ ^^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awards~ ^^

Oh i'm so sorry to Camy!!!
She gave 2 awards to me, one lately another one earlier at March, but i'm so careless i did not post it up until today, my fault. ><

The first award is Best Blog Award, so the rules of the award are to
1. accept the award, post it on your own blog, with the name of the person who has given you the award, and a link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to approximately 10-15 blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Second award is Beautiful Blogger Award (well i take it as a compliment to my appearance too, hahaha kidding),
and according to the rules for this award I must write 7 things about myself an pass it on to 7 friends.

First of all, i'd share 7 things about myself no matter you interested to know or not, you read my blog you gotta read this too! hahaha.. ;p

Let's start with some thing else as you already know i'm in love with nail art~

1. I got myself grey and green contact lenses lately. Actually i've been wearing green one during my internship since beginning of this year, but i just restock the green and gave grey a try as well. i'm wearing grey now, it looks natural on me, but i think i'll stick back with green after that, i just love it~! ^^
(i'd probably show it here if any of you are interested to have a look, hehe)

2. I started to like liquid eyeliner (the pen type where the liquid will come out from the bottle through the brush), bought Kate Frame Impact Marker not long ago but i took a long time to get use to the application and stop using it. I went for a 5day working trip during my uni break and i decided to gave it another chance as it is really long lasting as i need to standby for work for long hours. I took some time to deal with it and finally i'm a friend of it now~ ^^v

3. I keep watching Korea Drama lately. tehee, i'm a big fan of K-pop and now it switch to drama as well. I actually prefer Korean entertainment world than Japanese, so as make up, as they are more natural and closer to my preferred style. K-pop hurray~ ^^v

4. I am really interested to take nail art course or make up course! been thinking about this long time ago, but i think i should really do it before i regret, as i'm considering manicurist as my future career.. :P I plan to take nail course after my uni graduation and see if i could expand it to a home base nail saloon after i got cert, hehe..

5. As some of you may know i'm kinda anti-pink in life and nail as well. But guess what i just found out a bright pink pencil bag from one of my storage box when i was packing stuff! Really no idea why i bought it, haha.. But it's now my nail tools bag now, will show you guys later on, haha.. :p

6. I gain weight. >< >: *

7. I have no idea what else i can talk about in short, but one thing is, i am so glad and appreciate to know and meet people from all over the world from my tiny little blog! :) I dont normally have friends that really have same interest with me, so i feel lonely sometimes when i got nobody to share or discuss about nail stuff. But you all made my life more colorful and i dont feel 'unique' from my gang anymore because i know where i can find my 'nail buddies' ^^

Now for the tagging, i wanted to give out this award to everyone that reads my blog, because you are the one who made me and my blog strong and warm with love, so all of you are the beautiful bloggers too!

Not to forget Danielle, Jin and Kae, i'm really glad that i get to know you all and receiving your support all the time and how the hell (ops~) can i imagine i own friends from the other part of the world~!:)

Ok, it's getting late now and i have class tomorrow morning, i think i will be able to upload another post at night later, just did a manicure for Polish Hoarder Disorder's Bling bling Challenge i think i will submit my photos tomorrow, hehehe...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

polka polka x78265897354~

Finally..... T.T
Been trying to upload photos but everytime fail fail fail~!!!!><

aahhhh~ i'm back to campus now, good news is i only have 3 day classes, rather than 5days a week or even saturday class~ Yee^^

Ok ok back to nails, so i know i been doing polka dots, but i cant help it, in fact this is actually what i did 1 week ago, i just dont have to 'mood' to upload it, cause i'm so in to game during holiday! hehehe...

By using these colors,

I paint each nails a diagonal french with different colors,
then dot the line between with white polish,
you can stop here as s simple design or add some blings..

But you can also continue to make different size of dots like mine for a more 'polka' look.. ^^v

I did this on right hand, a gradient french polka, but i think left hand design looks better..

See you tomorrow again, if my line is stable enough to upload photos~
Night and Morning~~ :)