Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

An early wishes to everyone of you all the joys of the season and may you have a bright and cheerful Christmas~!
Oh, and Happy New Year~~

tiny little christmas haul + henna

Soooooo sorry for abandoned my blog for such a long time~! Been spending my time with my beloved classmates after my last paper before we graduate.. :)

Bought these polishes when we went for movie..

Christmas package, 3 color + free 1 sticker~

The very few purple that can make me 'wah....' 'wow~' ...

Henna again~! hahaha... left some henna that day so draw on myself again during free time..

i like my photos. :D
and design. lolx..

Wokay, so here's what i got for now, didnt really take care of my nails lately cause too concentrate on playing with my friends, haha...
Till then~ Take care and happy festival~! ^^

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flea market + Henna body art~ :D

So few days ago my uni held a flea market, providing booths for students to do business in this very special day as it was the 1st flea market held in my uni.. :p
So me and my friend Amelia, and another friend purchased a booth selling manicure and body art (henna) sevice and also second hand clothes..

As you see above, it was my manicure corner, hehe...

And, the business was not bad~ :p

Amelia drawing henna.... ^^

Due to the crowd, i only got to snap photo from one of my customer's hand.. ><

Most of the customer prefer Konad cause i assume attracted by the image plate, lolx..

Nice heh? hehehehe...
I draw one~~~ ^^

Amelia left few packs of henna after closing the business, so i took 1 back to try..

i always forgot to take photo of the step of my nail design, so does henna.. ==" lolx.
This was when it's half dry and start coming off...

Drew for my housemates too~!
This is artwork No. 1~

Artwork No. 2~

Artwoek No. 3~

And lastly is on housemates' boyfriend's hand...
He wanted something like skeleton tattoo, i know it looks huge but, whatever~ lolx..

Saw the lap top? that was the original photo.. :p

And last but not least, let's have something cute to end this post, hahaha...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute little bow-ee on my toeey~

How's everyone going~~~~? ^^
I spent my pass weekend doing part time job in kid's fair as promoter for some milk and yogurt product and this week with my final year thesis that i just hand up today. How about you, you and you? hehehe..

This is my last week as a uni student, exam will start and end at 11st Dec (the one and only one and the last paper i have as a uni student here, lolx) and by that time i will have to switch from University student to jobless human until i get myself a job, hahaha...

Long time no pedicure, this was a white base with shimmer in mixture of red blue green yellow (i guess that's all?) and a cute black bow with Konad for some cute-ness~

So sorry if you wish for more close up photos, cause Rachel loves Mr.Sun so lately many post were dedicated for him cause he comes to my room for visit on the right time when i wanna shoot my nails~ lolx..

Oh, did i tell you all that my uni is having a flea market tomorrow? and haven't i tell you that i got myself and my friend Amelia a stall for body art (henna) and manicure in the market? ^^
Wish me luck for earning good amount of extra pocket money~ hahaha...

And here comes to an end of this post with my fav one.
Till then, take care everyone~ ^^/

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's get bow~

So here goes the entire design~ ^^

(from left) Skin Food BL509, Skin Food BW701, The Face Shop Face It BR801, Konad m59

These are on my left hand....

And the right side~

And just to share with you all the original picture of my header.. :p
i keep everything ori and only edited the bottle's name to my blog name, hehe..

Hope you guys like it, see you soon~ ^^/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

black like a...

trash bin bag? hahaha, but indeed, this design was inspired by the black plastic bag that we usually use it for rubbish bin..

Last week my friend and i participated in a costume design competition held by Public Relation student in uni for their final year project. it was to create a costume with the use using old stuff or recyclable materials. So this was the final result using bubble wrap, unused shirt, and black plastic bag..

And to make it a set, the rubbish bag came to my mind as an idea to transform it onto my nails..
But instead of using the real bag, i tried it out with my black crack polish i bought sometime ago.. (check this out for the 1st crack nail design i did with red crack polish)

And, this is the outcome..
Yes the surface was not smooth as expected but it instead it came out looking more realistic like the texture of the rubbish bag.. :p
The base color was actually silver glitter and i added some flakes too before the black polish so when the cracks form you can see some shine coming out in between the crack..

For left hand side i make index finger with silver glitter cause i think it gives a contrast with the black crack design and to bling it up a bit..

Hope you like it~
If not, stay tune cause next will be a long-time-no Konad post~~~~!!! ^^

Friday, November 12, 2010

and you dot dot dot~

Hi guys! long time no see. :p
i know it's been awhile (well it's was just a week ago since the last post, lolx), and yes i'm a little busy this week with activities, and hong kong dramas, haha... >v<

Some of you may find this very familiar if you read Trincess's blog on this cute bubblegum post.
I thought it's really simple easy and unique, so i decided to do it too, with a little changes^^


Start off with white and black base.
I wanted to try it with different color base, so my ring fingernails is in black where the rest are white.

When the base is almost dry, it's time for happy dotting~~ hehe..

It's really simple as you just randomly dot different colors on the area near cuticle, and i can't think of why you will fail to get this design.. :p

The dot's color on my ring finger is same as the white base, it looks different due to the black base.

And we are done~

I guess i will only be free to post new nails on.......... Monday.
Because i have things to be done tomorrow and day after tomorrow, and then i guess you will forgive me to have one day off on Sunday since it's my birthday right? :) hee....

Well, till then. Have a nice weekend everyone and i'll see you soon~ ^^