Thursday, November 24, 2011


How's the new template? ^^
Well my fashion style (ahem~*cough*) change a little, so i thought i should make some little changes to my blog too. It was more on a black steady cool to white turquoise-ish refresh simple one.
I change on the width too so in some post the alignment might run a bit. :p

New nail post in few days time, weekend maybe. See ya~ <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

the bling and matte


This, is my birthday nails last week. >v<
Apologies for being busy and not updating again! 
I finish editing these few photos few days before but i spent my weekends visiting roadshow project that i was in charged before and having some time with my sister that i rarely talk with. :)

How is everyone? year end is finally here and the season kinda makes me slow down and get lazy a bit. :p
And despite Malaysia does not have winter, but i started to stock in some winter-like apparels~ <3
I think im gonna start doing winter nails too, what say you all? ^^

Hope all of you are happy and healthy! Stay tune for more~ Muacks!