Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flea market + Henna body art~ :D

So few days ago my uni held a flea market, providing booths for students to do business in this very special day as it was the 1st flea market held in my uni.. :p
So me and my friend Amelia, and another friend purchased a booth selling manicure and body art (henna) sevice and also second hand clothes..

As you see above, it was my manicure corner, hehe...

And, the business was not bad~ :p

Amelia drawing henna.... ^^

Due to the crowd, i only got to snap photo from one of my customer's hand.. ><

Most of the customer prefer Konad cause i assume attracted by the image plate, lolx..

Nice heh? hehehehe...
I draw one~~~ ^^

Amelia left few packs of henna after closing the business, so i took 1 back to try..

i always forgot to take photo of the step of my nail design, so does henna.. ==" lolx.
This was when it's half dry and start coming off...

Drew for my housemates too~!
This is artwork No. 1~

Artwork No. 2~

Artwoek No. 3~

And lastly is on housemates' boyfriend's hand...
He wanted something like skeleton tattoo, i know it looks huge but, whatever~ lolx..

Saw the lap top? that was the original photo.. :p

And last but not least, let's have something cute to end this post, hahaha...


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

amazing! I love when you post tons of picture :)
i'm glad to read that youe biz was good :)

Jin said...

Looks like you guys had a successful flea market day! I've never really seen henna being applied before. Looking at the photos they are black initially and then dries up to become brown colour? When I hear henna I always think of the traditional designs you see applied to Indian brides on their wedding. Never thought of seeing skull head and ribbons hehe it's so interesting. I like the flower design you did on your housemate's hand.

Unknown said...

tehee, request noted! i shall try to flood my blog with tons of pictures then~~~ :p

Henna is actually in dark brown and turn to something like tea color, and the darkness will be different depending on which part you draw it.
eg, the color looks darker on the palm compare to on hand as you can see from the 1st henna pictures.(all of the hanne are drawn on the same day)

Hehe, we did go for the more traditional pattern, the skull head was a special request from the guy since he wanted pattern that looks more like tattoo, haha..

** Henna is actually a kind of plant that people take its juice for coloring. My mum use it for hair dying to hide her white hairs as well.. :p

Reina Lum said...

I love reading your blog!
I buy most of my own colours based on what u post! tee-hee~
I get mine at pieces of key!
I think it's new..
They sell OPI @ RM32 & China Glaze @25!
And the delivery's pretty fast considering I get to choose whatever colour I want from them..
Can u recommend me somewhere I can get a cheaper stash of nail polish??
Thanks babe!

Unknown said...

Thanks Reina.. :)
OMG the offer in pieces of key is so attracting! >< i think i'll get some China Glaze from there as i always dreamt of owning 'For Audrey'!

Wuhuu, i think you just offered me the cheapest place to get branded nail polish, haha.. normally i get my polishes at Elianto, The Face Shop and Skin Food as their product are good quality with affordable price..(for me to buy more in a time :p)

anyway, thanks again for visiting my blog, and the blog! :P

Reina Lum said...

I guess I have to keep buying from there.. I tried to use nail polish from elianto, the face shop & skin food but I'm so noob & messy at putting those nail polish on. It will look so ugly! :P

I guess I need to practice some more..

Unknown said...

haha, i use to get mess all over the cuticle and fed up to clean them up too~ yeap i learn and truly believe that 'practice make perfect' from nail art.. :)