Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have been away from here long enough, i am sorry i did not even inform about my move in advanced at all.
If you still remember me and don't mind to know about my updates i am no one to stop you to leave here.. ><

1. I was appointed for national service 5 years ago, i was already in university when they notify me so i deferred it, yes until i am out with my bachelor degree. Since i finally graduate, i decided to complete my duty and rejoin it this year before i get myself a job. 
So i write in to the related government department, and they offered me the fastest batch to rejoin and it's only like 1 week left from it. I ran out of time. I went medical check up, to stock in daily used stuff to bring into camp and etc, which is why i didnt get to sit down and write here. 
The service lasts for 3months, which is when i started to disappear from past May-August. I was not 'internet reachable' throughout the entire program (well i only manage to facebook-ed a bit on sunday when we can have our cellphone back for few hours). Oh ya, we stay in the jungle. We went through physical training and classes for things like personality build up, attitude being as teen and young adult, out form camp during weekends for community service and so on. 
I did had some fun during the activities and got to know some good friends from other states. the program did added some stress to me as i was chosen as the commander of all trainee. i am 23years old this year but the rest are mostly 17-18years old kids, and main point about this is that they are not listening to you (and the trainer/coach) most of the time.
There was some tough period went through, but won me the best female trainee as well. :) So sorry that despite i've been back home for around 1 month but i haven't got the chance to finish editing photos i've taken during the program..

visit to newly open of Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
sign of commander

my camp has got western country feel haha..

2.  I started to look for a job since i came back from the service, and after few weeks, i finally got myself a job just today, and i will be starting to work as marketing executive on 2nd Sept. Excited yet worried, excited that i found it myself cause parents been intro-ing me their friend's company which i prefer to achieve it with my own strength; worried if i could adapt to office life and cope with colleagues well enough to learn from them. But i'm sure and i believe everything will go well:)

3. Since this is a nail blog, i can not end this post without my latest nail design as i finally get to grow my nails long again after my national service.

yes finally matte!

Yes i finally got matte nail polish~ <3
I manage to squeeze in time to shop in the annual beauty fair over here which so happen to be 1 day before i enter the camp (so rush!!!). Got myself this black matte polish from Orly and the matte top coat as well. Will show my haul next time.

So yeah, i think that's about it for now. It's 2.40am now in malaysia and i should get myself to bed now. :p 
New post in 3days, i promise. 



Anonymous said...

Hurray :-D I'm glad you're back, I love your nail designs!

Best of luck at your new job!

Unknown said...

Hi Rai:) and thanks for your sweet comment!i will try my best to post as often as possible..

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I'm happy to read news from you!! wow! you did a lot of things!! :) :)

I'm sure that you'll be perfect for the new job! :)

Bowleena said...

Welcome back!

eyerin said...

Hi rachel welcome back! thought u will never come back...excited for ur new nail designs :)

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

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rachat de credit

Unknown said...

Alice, Bowleena, eyerin and rachat de credit:

thank you so much for the love given~ <3
as i mention i just got a job, so i am not sure if i can still post nail design as often like in previous,but i will try my best!! :)

you guys awesome~