Monday, September 26, 2011

turqoise french

I'm so far so good on my new job and working life of not sleeping and waking up early, how about you?

So i think my company is fine with nail polish, that means i *finger cross* can change my painting as often as i can like how it use to be~ but i guess i will still remain it at once a week -- i need more time to be on bed now. >< getting elder.. :(

Back to the topic, french~ <3

Got this new color from Elianto few days ago, love it but too bad it doesnt suit my skin tone. >< it made my finger looks grey and dark, but i still love it, how?! 
So in stead of making it full, i cut it down to french which the color stays far from my skin (hope you get that..) and added some konad on the lines in nude..

acrylic rose from nails to watch now <3

Nice or not?!
tehee, blinged my watch as you can see from previous post, and i dont feel satisfied yet. so the ending was, more bling~! haha...

i hope the stones stay. :p
11.45pm over here, got to go~ sleeping early with 8hours made my skin condition better now, love~ :p

See ya^^


Freshie said...

Really cute, congrats on the new job! My worst nightmare is to have a job that requires mannequin hands aghhhhh~

Unknown said...

Thanks Freshie^^
i really do feel lucky for my job, tehee..

eyerin said...

i love it....simply beautiful

Unknown said...

Thanks eyerin!! :D