Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rachel'graphy + my bare nails once more^^

Okay okay, no new nails at the moment as i'm letting them away to rest and breath freely as they are very thin and fragile due to my 'rudeness' treat to them when removing acrylic or gel or nail glue. :p (i often put much pressure trying to remove them when nail remover is not strong enough to take off in short time, i'm not patient when it comes to revoming, haha)

To fill up your time spent here, here's some of my artwork practicing my photography skills on free time, hope you like it.. :)

I love chocolate but i dont crave for it often unless you got dark chocolate~~!!! @v@
So when Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolate is here in supermarket, i must try it! hehehe..
It's not bad though~

practicing using the lens flare...

And this was a Canon camera i snap when i'm at my friend's house..

the original..

after editing on contrast and others which i can't remember..

and shall we play with some effect... :)

You read my title about bare nails, and yes it's been long long time since i post my naked babies..

i have the habit to clean my dead skin on cuticle area whenever i saw them, i just have the craziness on clean and clear lines on cuticle lines, they make them look unreal and neat. hehe..

my left hand~

and right side...
The weather was nice so you couldn't see much of the 'wound' on my nails. The white part of my nails is normally kinda transparent since small, but after some layers are been teared off by yours truly, it's even transparent now.. :p

close up..
My left thumbnails broke a bit so i file it round to keep the length..

See what i mean by clean and clear cuticle lines? hehehe...

Enough for 'showing off' my poor babies, shall see you next with sneak a peek poo~ ^^


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Your hands and nails are amazing *_*

Unknown said...

hehe, thanks Alice.. *shyshy*

Anonymous said...

I would love beautiful long nail beds like yours Rachel. You need to teach me how to shape my nails like that. I need my nails go grow a little longer first! Grow, grow, grow, grow grow... he he he - Hope you are having a lovely break. Thanks for the lovely award (sweet lady) xxx

simyee said...

come ...
help me clean mine XD

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
hahaha.. i looooooove square shape nails, so even when my nails are short, i still try hard to file them square! XP
Welcome and hope you always have a nice day:)

haha, you come i help lo..