Thursday, September 30, 2010

shimmer shimmer bling bling + some accessories haul~

Hi everyone! ^^/ Hope everything is fine and good there.. :)
Your eyes may be attracted to the nails below, but before that, just wanna show show my new toys i got recently too, hee...

Fact Of The Day:
Rachel is loving
vintage/ old style fashion / polka dots

Small purse/ sling bag in red with white polka dots (and with 'anna sui' cheat logo. XP)
some hair accessories also in polka dots and denim
a huge whistle accessories (and i DIY deco it with bling bling stones~^^)

Photos you can skip~~~~~ XP

But it's too cute and i MUST snap photos~! >v<

Oh, and nail polishes~!!! ^^

Sorry but the left bottle is too hard to show its color in photo. :(
it's dark brown with shimmer, but in fact it looks a bit purple in photo when i'm trying to snap.. ?.?

Ok, so here's the nails~~ ^^
using the shimmer shimmer polish i just got, hehe...
i chop off my nails real short during exams, but i think it's even cute with such 'color'..

3 coats of the polish
1 cute 3D bow
and your nails caught everyone's eye on the street! hahaha...

i bought the 3d bow in the mall, not self make this time, hehe..

And last but not least.
Another F.O.T.D.:
Rachel loves banana

Been craving for banana lately out of sudden, haha..
the sweetness and its natural aroma makes me feel happy^^
Bought banana everytime i go to fruit stall, and it'll be at my window side hanging till i finish it all.. XP

Ok, till then, bye guys~!
imma gonna have my banana again.. TvT


Banana said...

Those nails are super cute, and hey! Bananas are delicious! :D

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Nice buy! I really like that small purse :)
and love your nails, of course! <3

Unknown said...

tehee, thanks~! and i always feel bad when bananas are not 'ready' to be eaten, and i can only see but no touching. >v<

Thanks Alice, that purse is really cute but too bad i can't put a lot of things into it,hehe..^^

Jin said...

Hello 倩颖, I LOVE your new nail polish! Had to zoom in to admire the beautiful glitters hehehe. I am also wearing my nails shorter now. After breaking a few of them and having to chop them off, I've found a good shorter length that I can wear more comfortably. But for the love of nail art, I may have to grow them out for some designs hehe. My fav fruit is mango!
BTW 我妈妈说你的名字意思很好:美丽,聪明。

Anonymous said...

I commented but my computer ate the message :( I love the silvery glittery goodness, and the bows! I love them... So pretty. Rachel has good taste xx

Unknown said...

tehee, hi hi 林瑾..yes yes yes, i am still patiently waiting for my nails to grow longer, but at the same time enjoying the 'freedom' of 'flying' between keyboard and mobile, hehehe...
And 多谢伯母.. ^^

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
haha, my lap top sometimes ate my msg too.. >v<
hehe, it's been long time since i last buy myself hair accessories since i chopped off my long hair 2years ago, as i'm growing back my hair, my wallet has one more expenditure to be note now! haha..

Donna said...

your nails are gorgeous rachel! even when your nails are short they still look long and rectangle shaped. mines on the otherhand, look square and stubby when short >.< love the silver colour too!!

Unknown said...

tehee, i must file them to square shape on the tips, tried to file them round but i feel so not use to it. but i wish they can be more 'slim' so they will look even long, haha..
Thanks a lot Donna:)

Babs said...

Hi Rachel! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! your nails are always super cute and veeeery nice made!
you were an hudge inspiration for me, so i decidet to start my own blog.. do you think you could have a short look? TY!
btw. bananas are super healthy too, have a lot of minerals.. :)

Lois said...

Awesome! Love the bow!

Unknown said...

Hi~ :) i'm glad my artwork made you happy! looking forward for yours, haha..

Thanks! ^^