Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute little bow-ee on my toeey~

How's everyone going~~~~? ^^
I spent my pass weekend doing part time job in kid's fair as promoter for some milk and yogurt product and this week with my final year thesis that i just hand up today. How about you, you and you? hehehe..

This is my last week as a uni student, exam will start and end at 11st Dec (the one and only one and the last paper i have as a uni student here, lolx) and by that time i will have to switch from University student to jobless human until i get myself a job, hahaha...

Long time no pedicure, this was a white base with shimmer in mixture of red blue green yellow (i guess that's all?) and a cute black bow with Konad for some cute-ness~

So sorry if you wish for more close up photos, cause Rachel loves Mr.Sun so lately many post were dedicated for him cause he comes to my room for visit on the right time when i wanna shoot my nails~ lolx..

Oh, did i tell you all that my uni is having a flea market tomorrow? and haven't i tell you that i got myself and my friend Amelia a stall for body art (henna) and manicure in the market? ^^
Wish me luck for earning good amount of extra pocket money~ hahaha...

And here comes to an end of this post with my fav one.
Till then, take care everyone~ ^^/


Maria said...

they are gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! :D

blog Usei Hoje said...

Muito lindo, tudo bem delicado.


Bippy said...

what a beautiful pedicure! Also, best of luck finishing university!!

Jin said...

Hey Rachel, I love glitter nail polish on toes. You usually view toe nails from a distance so glitter or bright colour nail polish always seems to look much better. Hey all the best for your final paper and hope you can find a job soon! I miss uni days (except for exams) hehehe

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! :D

Hehe, i love glitter on toe nails too but the removing time is always killing.. :p Thank you for your wishes~ i hope to get a good job soon too.. :)

Pεârl Lўиn said...

Ooh, nice nails! (: I like your blog ^^

Care to check mine out? www.stray-sentiments.blogspot.com I've been getting more and more interested in nail polish lately, and I'm also a student from Malaysia :D

o said...

It looks so cute!!

Unknown said...

Usei Hoje!:
Thanks a lot! lolx, i googled translate your comment to get the meaning..

Unknown said...

Pεârl Lўиn:
Hi Pearl Lynn:) Thanks for hanging around my blog! It's rare actually to find out nail blogger in Msia, of course i will check out yours too... :D

Beauty Addict:
Thank you very much~! :)

Pεârl Lўиn said...

Haha I agree! Thanks (:

Bleh. Do you ever read some of the other polish blogs, where they swatch these awesome colors, and then make you wish you could buy them in Malaysia too? :P

Ehmjay Bornales said...

FAB> :)

Unknown said...

Pεârl Lўиn:
Oh it's never a 'no' as answer! I have soft spot about matte polishes, not that i can't find it in Msia but you know the price.. :(