Friday, September 11, 2009

Tag me tag you: I Think You Are Awesome Girl Award

This will be the second ever tag i did since this blog is here on earth~

And thanks to Danielle~^^ Oh i got to say you and Kae and all others nail bloggers had always made my day:)

I've been watching and reading many YouTubers and bloggers doing this and finally i got the chance to try it too~ hehe..

Ok back to the topic, to do this tag i will need to
*share 10 random fact of me
*and then tag 10 more blogs i love reading..

So here's my '10':

1. I was not so into nails until this year, i only paint my nails plain once in a while before this. The passion get into 'full tank' when i found out many knowledge about nail care and nail art from You Tube and think i could do like how those guru does too. :)

2. Related to the 1st fact, i was addicted to You Tube-ing since i'm start my life in uni and spending whole day on make up channel like Xteener, MichellePhan, bubzbeauty, and MissChievous, and my subscription is getting larger now. The area of interest had become wider to many kinds of style such as gothic, hime gyaru (i guess it's spell like that, din really take note on the name TvT"), cooking, some Photoshop tutorial channel for my homework, and then to nails!

3. White is my favourite color, since small as i can remember. But getting older now i start really liking black and grey. These 3 colors are basic and easy to match with other colors especially on clothing. But when it comes to make up it'll be brown tone color as it's more suitable for asian skin tone. But genarally, i love white.

4. I like looking rain dropping onto car window. it makes me feel relax.. :)

5. I love chocolate, DARK chocolate! But i don't addict to it. Because i get heaty easily from eating stuff like chocolate, chips, fried food and such..+ actually i prefer food with lots of vege or fruit, spaghetti, sushi etc that is less oil and meat. I dont like meat that much, except fish. :)

6. Same to Danielle, i always wish to get tattoo. Or pierce maybe, on nose~ But i'm afraid i'll regret later on and the image that i wanna tattoo keep on changing, so i will keep this until i think it's the right time t do it.

7. I always wish to have chance visiting Japan Taiwan and Milan, to explore Japan's advanced technology and the wide range of cosmetic (heahea...), Taiwan's fooooooooood and Milan's fashion..

8. If there's anyone who's willing to pay me, i'll shave all my hair down. My most extreme hair style is to be bald, but due to the culture here at Malaysia, people will either thought you are going on a cancer therapy in hospital/ you are a monk (i forgot the name for female monk ><), or, you are out of your mind..

9. I love watching America Next Top Model, since the 1st season.. And sometimes i watch Australia and China one too.. But i think Tyra need to control her weight a lot more, as a professional top model.. :*

10. I love kids but i'm not planning to have any baby after i got married. Because it's too stress and too much responsibility to put on and i don't think i can handle the worry-ness and tention of making sure my baby is safe all the time no matter how old is she/he. phew.. T.T

So that's the 10 random fact of me, and i know i'll probably double tag those who already got tagged + i actually less interact with other bloggers so i'm not sure if they would do the tag or not, so i think i will tag those who always keep track on my blog~ hehe...

And thanks Danielle again for tagging Rachel~^^

P/s: I realise i talk a lot.. T.T lolx...


Anonymous said...

Lol! Rachel! You do not talk a lot and I really loved your random facts 

Kae said...

hi rachel! I loved reading more about you, thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Danielle & Kae:
Hehe, thanks you guys! My life is full of You Tube nowadays, and end up i seldom touch the tv remote control when i got chance! lolx..

Lucy said...

Rachel it's nice to get to know more about you. I love YouTube also. I have so many subscriptions that it's nuts! I'm so behind with them that I'll never catch up. I also love haul videos. I agree with you about rain on a window. It's so relaxing just watching the drops. I love color so I couldn't just wear white, grey and black. Those three colors are very classic combinations. I've never watched Top Model because I watch so many other shows. I'm a milk chocolate girl. I would love a tattoo. Your right to wait till you have a definite design. Thanks for doing this tag.

Unknown said...

Hehe, Kae see~ Lucy did the tag for me!^^
Wow Lucy, thanks a lot!
I YouTube almost everyday to keep myself 'update'.
I not quite like haul video because 'can only see cannot use'.. >.<
I love that 3 colors but no worries i will match them with other bright one. :)

Oh, Lucy it's so nice talking with you~ :)