Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gel nail for the 20 years i've live!!! XP

Rachel went for hair cut today, because they are having anniversary promotion + it's time to me for hair cut!
And their nail saloon which is only beside of the hair one is also having this promotion which is 50% off for almost every service provided in their shop!
Omg, how can i not go for it?!! It's a 50%!!! @v@

So so, before my hair appointment, i went in to their nail saloon with super excited jumping heart~ tehee...
The acrylic and gel are the same price, but as what i found out from those you tube and blog on these 2 types of nail, i decided to go for the gel one,
as i can still paint nail polish onto the gel after i did it, but not for acrylic as it the nail polish will start staining into the acrylic after few times of applying..

After 2 hours of UV light, here's my bling bling nails~!!! ^^v

Deng deng deng~ ^^
loaded you guys with pictures here..
It's just the same but i'm too excited to put all here up^^
My sister help me to take photos of them so i can have both hand appearing here, as usually it will only be one here, hehe..

Oh and i actually ask for extension for my right middle finger cause it's way too short compare to the rest..

My sister's Beijing Olympic panda wants to join too~ hehe..

Extension for middle finger,
then progress to the procedures of making gel nails..
that includes
hydrating my nails, (i forgot what's the proper name to call this step..)
base coat for gel,
1st layer of gel & UV light,
1 layer of the glitter & UV,
2nd layer of the same glitter & UV,
she added some bigger glitter and to UV light again,
1 or 2 coats of clear gel then UV,
after it's dry, clean it with nail remover (i guess..),
buff it to a smooth layer,
top coat.. (i guess, also, hehe..)
cuticle oil,
moisturizer for hand
and you're done~

Though i'm happy to finally try gel nail, but i dont think i will go back to the saloon, or maybe let other nail artist do for me, cause i found quite some imperfection after that.. :(

Like, she didn't file my nails nicely in shape, they are slightly pointed to either left or right side, if you get what i mean..
and she din ask me what kind of nail shape i want until i tell her before she goes too far..
I can say that my cuticles that i pushed looks better before she push it for me, haha.. cause it's not really in a nice curve after she trim the dead skin away..

Maybe i'm just too caution on every little details because it's my own nails + this is my first time.. :p
But i file them again after i came back home, not a big prob so i decided to fix it myself.. :)

^^ let's see how long it can stay on my nails, hehe...


Paige said...

I love those! That mani is so cute!!!

Kae said...

I like the glitter on the tips! I know what you mean about every little imperfection tho lol. For us nail fanatics our expectations are high!

Anonymous said...

I am star struck by your gorgeous nails! I think they did a fantastic job for you! You should be a model for their salon! I love them and thank you for the kisses ;) <3 xx

Unknown said...

Thanks~! :)

Thanks! Hehe, we all got the same expectation on nails huh.. they're our treasure~ ^^

Thanks Danielle! But too bad no one find me before, like before this i'm proud of my silky straight hair, not no one came approach me, haha... Maybe i need more luck? hehe..

Lucy said...

I would give the salon another chance. Just mention how you'd like your nails shaped before you start. If you don't the manicurist will just give you what's most popular right now. I love the look. It's very pretty. I've seen all the colors and glitters available with the gels. Very exciting. Did you get a haircut also? If you did I would love to see.