Friday, October 22, 2010

Muddy rose~

Hey guys! I apologies for not updating for so long!><
Other than me having holiday on beginning of October, there was some internet connection interruption in my hostel when i came back for my new semester, and seems like it will take some time to solve it, the speed was deadly slow for the past week! i wonder how do i survive till now.. T.T
The line is smoother tonight compare to last week, so i quickly log in blogger to 'see' you all~

I didn't paint much design during my break, other than letting my nails to rest, i'm just too lazy to do painting, in stead i've been watching series and craving for food here and there, tehee..

Got this shimmer dark brown/bronze in Sasa, but i can't get any nice photo showing it's real color! sob sob.. it was so nice to look at it, it looks mystery to me too, haha..

Ok, i shall go prepare for another post now, my 'back to school' nails~ haha...
See you later~


Babs said...

wooow, such a lovley colour and a niiiiice shimmer!!! i envy you, your nails have the most perfecz shape even cutted!!! :)))

have a nice weekend, Rachel! :)

Unknown said...

Haha, thank you Babs~ ^^ but i wish it's little but longer, it'd look better.. :)

Anonymous said...

u have gorgeous nails!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot~ :)