Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to 'school'~

Well ya it's what i wore to uni on the 1st week, but mainly is cause i don't know what should i name it, haha...

My friend is kind enough to gift me these cute babies~

But to be honest, the one at the left is very the 'lip gloss' to me and it's too sweet to digest for me.. T.T sorry, cause it's pink.. hahahaha.....
My favourites are the second and fourth polish~

Will show you guys what design i came out with these polish in next post~:)

Talking about 'back to school', my uni open this week, and it's my final semester of my degree course, ooouuw, i'm so gonna miss my own room in my hostel.. :(

Wanted something nice and simple to archive, took the idea from Nail Up July copy.
It's original design was air brushed nails, but since i don't have to machine to do it, i use thin tip brush to draw out the flower..

It's like a serious summer season over here! It's was sooooooo hot that i have to shower 2-3 times a day! and my 5.5liter water bottle have to be refill almost everyday where i only need to do so once in 2days before that! ><
But there's 2 advantages of having huge sun on top of us,
-my clothes dries really quick!
-more time for photo taking since the sun is always there~

Ok, shall leave you guys here now..
Will upload more post if the internet connection is smooth tomorrow.
Night everyone~ and how can i forgot to wish good morning too~ haha..


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I'm happy to read news from you :) Good luck with your last semester!
I really like this freehand design... awww... I'd like to have nail magazinesssss

AnnKiins'♥ said...

The pictures look so professional!
Thats so nice of your friends :D
The mani is gorgeous ^^
Your so talented, I envy very much.
I'm glad your getting more active! I love reading your posts ^^

simyee said...

so nice got ppl gift u the polish..
then mine no neeed gift u jor lah XD

Jin said...

Wow wish I can receive free nail polish too hehehe. I like your free hand flowers! My dad was looking at the screen while I'm reading your blog and he said your nail art is 简单又漂亮!

Camy said...

your mani is so pretty!

Donna said...

This is soo beautiful Rachel! You have so much patience and take good care of your nails, I really envy hehe =)

I really like summer too!! Its also when its warmer I feel like I have more energy to achieve things haha! :) Good luck on your final semester!

Unknown said...

Thank you Alice~^^ i only snap my left hand, cause the flower on the right is quite messy as i haven been drawing freehand for quite some time. :p

Oh thanks a lot girl :) i always wish to have a tripod or better quality camera so i can cut off the time to edit photos, haha..
Sorry to keep you waiting, i'll try to post more! ^^

咖啡熊猫™ :
Others is others, your gift can not be absent! lolx..

hehe, 谢谢你啊伯父~ ^^/
i'd like to get more thin tip brush polish now for more freehand practice, anyone~~~~? lolx..

Thanks Camy~ ^^

oh no, i don't think you'll enjoy the 'summer' over here, it's heat all the day and makes people feel dizzy and sleepy.. >v< haha..
Anyway, thank you~ ^^