Monday, October 25, 2010

classic nudy~

I'm not sure is this suppose to be in 'nude' color range, but it's the closest among my nail polishes. :p

Continue to try out the colors my friend gave me. ^^
I got inspired by Japanese nail magazine again, i kinda combine what i remember from the magazine with similar color, feel and concept, and come out with this. Again, it's a on-the-spot idea (if you're close to me you know what i mean :p), haha..

the 2 pretties~

i paint my index finger the more pinky one, just to try out the color. You can make all finger nails with the same polish.

Hmm~ Hot sun nice sun..
Thunder pass by our area few times the past few days, but none of them stay or bring along Rain to come play! ><>

Add a vertical line with shimmer, i'm using Majorlica Majorca's polish no.77.
You can change it to black as well.

Find a spot you prefer and add flakes or rhinestones or just simply dot it with polish, and you're done~ :)

Notice it's different design on my right hand?
It will be next on my blog~ :p


Abbie♥ said...

pretty nails! they looks so clean because of the polish you used. the design is also so dainty! ♥

You nailed it! said...

it's so pretty! love it!

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty nails. I love them all :) Nice to "see" you again ;)... Rachel, your cute duck nail drier that you have does it dry one nail at a time or a whole "set" of nails? Looking for a nail drier and would love to know! Thank you xx

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Very pretty :3
Dior..expensive >o<
I love the glitter polish for the stripes, what brand is it from??

Babs said...

This mani is soooo awesome!!! just.. exactly how i feel now!! just like blig bling cotton candy, love it!!
and wow, i envy you all of your Dior polisheeeees!!! i would fancy having some too.. :)
Enjoy them! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Abbie^^

you nailed it!:
Thank you~~~ hehehe...

The Diva's Polish:
Nice to 'see' you again Danielle^^
erm my duck nail drier is enough to dry 1 hand means 5 fingers at a time, but i think looking for dryer that can dry whole set of nails would be more effective.. :p

Bohoho, it's a gift, i'm not affordable to purchase any of them too..
I wrote it in my post, it's from Majorlica Majorca. :)

Hehe, i'm glad my mani makes you happy:) Thanks a lot^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel, will look for an effective one ;) xx

Camy said...

just love them!
so pretty and elegant!

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
You're welcome ^^

Thanks a lo Camy:)

Jin said...

Very pretty! My sister's boyfriend recently picked out an OPI nude polish for me. I am going to try it soon. Boys have a totally different take for nail art. It's interesting hearing their view sometimes. hehe.

Unknown said...

Agree with you!! Once my boy friend saw my artwork i paint on fake nails, then he said none of it was nice. One day he came back and tell me mine was the best after he sees other nail design outside. lolx..