Friday, February 11, 2011

fish net lace

Konad m71 & m57

This was created on early January before my graduation trip and i totally forgot to post them up after editing~ >v< careless me..

Anyway it's just a simple konad nails that i believe quite a number of nail bloggers had share on the combination to create this cool lace pattern, i shall just link the credit to Trincess's post of this nail and you shall be able to trace which other beauty did this as well.. :p

Another Chinese New Year nails post shall be up in this couple of days.. :) Muacks~


Silence is Loud said...

very cute!! <3 it

blog Usei Hoje said...

Que gracinha, parece renda de pano nas unhas!
Ficou lindo!!!


Freshie said...

This is fabulous! I have both these plates and ow I'm wondering why I bought the Sally Hansen lace stickers...

Sarahlouise1986 said...

i really need to try this..i love it on you!



Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel :) I absolutely LOVED your New Year Nails. But how could you forget to post these? The design is stunning. Love it on your nice long nail beds :) Beautiful xx

Unknown said...

Silence is Loud:
Thanks! ^^

Usei Hoje!:
Thanks to you too~ :p

Haha, it's ok, maybe you could create a new lace combination along with the lace sticker too! Surprise us, hehe..

Thank you^^

The Diva's Polish:
tehee, my careless.. >v<
but i think this looks really cute on short nail bed like Trincess's one too! :p

Sharon said...

I love your manis! They're always so cute and pretty <3.

Also, just letting you know I've tagged you in my recent post:

Sylvia said...

Awesome mani!

Taya said...

This looks so cute. I love it. <3

Unknown said...

Thanks Sharon and nice to meet you! :D will for sure check out your post as well..

Thank you!! :)

Oh thanks a lot.. :D

Jin said...

This is so nice! Did you create this with 2 different patterns? I always find the fishnet pattern too plain, but it looks so pretty together with the flower pattern!

Unknown said...

yeap i use image from m57 and m71.. I have the same feeling with you too! i rarely use fish net pattern for the same reason as well, hehe..