Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green+Gold Military theme

indoor lighting

How's everyone doing? ^^
Did this military uniform theme nails after the valentine's nails, was too boring at home so thought to paint my nails. well i like to see my nails bare so they can breath, but i cant stand too long as i stare at them i feel like they must have colors on~ :p 

 natural lighting

Mr Sun not only make my mood good, but makes photo looks good on the lighting too. >< can see the differences between the 1st photo and this one.

well actually, i suppose everyone gets what's about the image/pattern on each of the finger? i just randomly draw them on form what i can think of when it comes to this theme..


Konad m3. Elianto base coat. Sally Hansen Hard as Wrap Nail Gel Hardener. Naga Muddy rose #567. Elianto 19 Night Glitters.Elianto 13 Burnt Umber.

That's all for now, take care and be safe every one of you~ :)


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

What are you holding in your hand? It looks really cute, is it decoden?

Unknown said...

Hi :) it's my hairband,but it think it can be use as deco stuff too, hehe.. Thanks for reading my blog. :p

Unknown said...

Your index finger is my fave :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, same as i do! :p

Jin said...

Same I like your index finger and the pinkie as well cos there's lots of gold glitter! Rachel I'm the same as you. Whenever I give my nails some time to breath, I can't stand the sight of them with nothing on. It feels too bare! Therefore my nails only get to rest for only 6 to 8 hours max hehe.

Unknown said...

tehee, me too me too~ no idea how long is mine, but for sure i must paint them on within 24hours, lolx..