Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day to single ones couple ones available one not available one or even it's complicated one~
To be honest i have no idea at all what to do for this love love day, but i found this design from Nevertoomuchglotter's blog post very familiar to my 3D rose french last year, so i thought i could redo it again.. :p

Elianto Thistle35

Long time no step by step photos, but forgive me for the not-so-nice lighting today, it's already late night when i finish this mani..

Light purple as base.. (and the color makes me hand looks yellowish and darker, grrhh..)

Nature Republic GR603

Cover the tips randomly with mint color polish.
till this step it looks a bit like strawberry, hehe...

Next just outline (i use dotting tool) the mint into abstract roses shapes (mine failed, lol), top coat it and you're done~ fast and easy!

Once again, Happy tine tine day with your loves one~ 
^^ /

and i shall go date my bed now, kekeke..
Dior Vernis 467

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