Thursday, October 1, 2009

^-^"' i'm back~

Oooooops, ^-^"' i know i've been out from earth for decades,

Life's been busy on exam and life, and finally everything's over now and what i have is a 2weeks semester break! yeay!

But i don't have any new stuff to show eventually.. -.-"'
Remember i got my gel nails on?
I tried to do some mani to put on it but nothing nice that came out.
I tried to do a completely different nail from the turquoise glitter i have in the inlay of gel, but it only makes it look weird as my nails is growing quite fast and the gap between gel nail and my natural nails show up very fast..

This is what i'm slightly satisfied of matching with the gel..

Stamp Konad on it in black to kinda 'decorise' the glitter..

I did another mani on it again adding gold glitter on top of the turquoise, is seems nice,
but i forgot to take it down, tehee...

In conclusion i'm quite happy with experience of trying the gel nail,
it's doing its job to help my nails grow longer than usual, which is one of the reason why i wanna try this too,
but i don't think i will go for it again,
cause i can't stand of not doing any manicure or taking care of my natural nails for such a long time,
UNLESS, i have those material on my own so i can remove it anytime i feel like changing,
but i checked those product online yesterday, and it's quite expensive over here,
ordering from international web sites seems convenient and affordable but the shipping fee is a bit.... eerh...
let's forget about it..

The gel stays quite nice on my nails, but looking at the gap of it and natural nails growing makes me crazy,
end up i keep on filing the bottom of gel away to 'help' it reduce faster from my nails so i can do mani on my natural nails soon,
but it doesn't seems helping much.. ><

Since it's still some time until all gel goes off my nails, i thought it would be the nice time to show you guys my creations that i always wanted to share, but unfortunately i didn't bring it along with me, i leave it in my hostel and i'm now back to my hometown until uni open after 2 weeks..
So sorry.. :'(

Well i guess i can only update once in awhile if i have anything interesting to show during this 2 weeks..
The biggest advantage of being in the semester break is i can EAT as much as i can! haha..
I'm back to my home sweet home and there's a big cupboard and fridge of fooooooood waiting for me~~~ wahahaha, i don't feel full when im eating back at my house, those snack and food is like waving hand to me all the time.. ^^v
You probably wondering how much can a 163cm tall 50kg heavy girl eat,
i can tell you it will be infinittiiiii~~~~~ XP
i've been back home for few days, and i spent almost whole evening in front of tv and lap top with toast bread with thick layers of butter and jam on it (my fav!!! nothing can stop me from eating bread with THICK butter on it, yumm~~),
cookies, chips, this and that and it'd never ends! lolx...

Ok ok i guess i need to go now, time for bed~ ^^

See ya soon~ ^^


Kae said...

Your nails did grow quite long! I like the stamp you put on in that picture it makes it look like lace or something. I know what you mean about that gap, I used to pick at my acrylic there last time I had fake nails on.

Paige said...

It's nice to see you posting again! I love the gel nails!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Rachel! :) So good to see your beautiful nails with a stunning design! Love the colours you have chosen they look beautiful together :) How did your exams go; hoping you did very well!

Unknown said...

Hi Kae! yea it grows really fast, that picture is actually taken last week, the gap is even bigger now..
you know i dreamt of me filing everything off last night.. lolx..

Thanks! :) i love turquoise~

Hi Danielle~ ^^ i love seeing my nails with that layers of transparent thing on top,make my nails look nice, hehe..

Oh about my exam, my result are always somewhere between average - good, hopefully it would be ok this time..:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I've tagged you AGAIN, this time it's a fun colour tag. I hope you like to colour red! Check out my blog for how to play :) x

Bella said...

Hi Rachel! What do you mean by "cause i can't stand of not doing any manicure or taking care of my natural nails for such a long time"? Of course you can do all the manicures you use to do! :D Well ,of course you can't take care of the nails by filing on them or so, but you don't really have to when you have gel on ;) Just make sure to oil them :)

Unknown said...

Hi Isabella! Ohh because in my mind, the layer of gel makes nails not breathing.. -v-"" so i feel like the real nails need more care..

And i finally did a mani! haha, will share it here soon.. :)
Thanks for hanging around here!