Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pastel Polka polka~ ^^

Yee yee yee^^

Finally I found some pastel/cream polish~~

I was not sure whether should I take them when I’m in Watson cause they are consider as no-brand polish (maybe they do but the price and quality does not say so. :p) and I was looking for better quality ones.. But anyway, since it’s affordable with promotion, I ended up picked 2 of these colors..

How can I not try it once I’s home?! Hehe.. Well the polish is a bit watery to me, but I can work with it by applying 2-3coats to increase the ‘opacity’.. I pick the light turquoise 1st but end up I like the grey more, but both looks nice on my hand~ : )

I like creamy colors with polka, so here is what i did today~

dots dots dots~~

So these are my ingredients for the nail design..
Komeie (no-brand polish) in turquoise S041
Komeie (no-brand polish) in light grey K035
Skin Food White BW704
Elianto (beige) Bisque 06
Dotting tools

Step one base coat of course~

Step two paint any color you prefer as base color. I have turquoise on pinky, grey on ring finger and so on..

Step three second coat for each color..
(ok i know i over-edited these group of photos, i just dont like the lighting, making my hands look old and dark.. ><>

Step four ok i forgot to take photo of the dotting process and the ribbon, but i think you guys can definitely get it.. i 1st paint the beige polish a ribbon, then added white polish to outline it..

One more nice nice photo of the nails with shirt i just bought^^


Unknown said...

I love this!! I adore polka dots :D

Unknown said...

Oh thanks a lot^^

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

WOW! you always shock me with your designs!

Anonymous said...

I love the pastel shades on your nails Rachel! The blue is gorgeous and I am having a dotty kind of day. May have to try this when I get home ;) love, love to you xx

Unknown said...

Thanks! ^^

The Diva's Polish:
tehee i'm so glad i get the colors that match with my skin too..
love, love to you too~ :p

Kae said...

I love polka dots! I love the colors you picked too and the accent picture :)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Kae~ ^^ i'm so in love with the colors now, hehe..

Jin said...

Rachel, I always have the same feeling when I try out a no brand polish. Most times the consistancy or smell is really bad. But you get some pleasant surprises too! I really like the creamy pastel shades on you. Poka dots always look so classic and cute. I like it a lot against your skin tone.

Unknown said...

You got it! especially when it's glitter polish, eewww the smell kills and takes longer to dry too.. thanks god these polishes does not smell strong at all..
Oh im so in love with polka dots now, hehe...

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I think that pastels are great on your nails! I have no pastel polish but i just ordered four, I hope they wolud be nice on me...