Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bling, and bling~

Been kinda lost in nails lately, in life as well, nothing inspired me, grrhh… I remove and paint and remove and paint and yet I get nothing nice and satisfied.. ><

End up I remove everything off my nails.. T.T

Maybe I know why. I’m quite into cream nail polish as hang around on some nail blog, but in fact I have only 1 or 2 cream in my ‘collection’. It’s quite hard to find ‘drugstore’ nail polish with cream color over here as the trend going on is on glitter shimmery type.. : ( (OPI is so dam expensive at local here, normal brand is around rm5 – rm20+, but OPI is rm59, even it’s not in Ringgit Malaysia but imagine the huge difference, wuwuwu.. )

Sorry for only uploading 1 photo, here I replace with my cute kitty~ ^^

She’s waiting me to feed her. They now know the language of feeding, haha.. Because we leave them out of house to live, whenever they heard the key sound or door one, they will run back to us and sit in front of their meal ‘box’ (what’s that call actually? Lolx can’t remember), stare at it and then at us. ^^ or else they will ‘meow meow meow’ like no tomorrow until we gave them cat food.. tehee..

I saw this cute little baby stray kitty when I was having my meal at outdoor food stall during internship. She/he was walking around hopefully to get some food from the floor or people eating, I ‘talk’ to the baby, she/he came over and look at me, like this. I quickly snap photo when she/he is attracted to the Stitch (one of my fav Disney cartoon^^) hanging on my camera. Then only I feed her with some leftover..

Ok till next time, have a nice weekend~ Meow~^^


Anonymous said...

Ahh - bling, bling - it's beautiful! :) I know what you mean about lost in nails... I keep painting mine red. No inspiration lately :(

Your kitty waits so patiently and dainty (little paws together) for her food. Must be because female cats are more polite ;) My baby boy is very bossy and messy when it comes to food :)

Jin said...

Hi Rachel, I like the creamy black and blings! Totally understand what you mean when you're feeling totally uninspired. I get that now and then especially after I've completed a few planned nail designes.

Your kitten is sooo adorable! So is the stray cat. Cuteness overload! Hehehe. I've always like cats but can never own one cos I am allergic to the fur :(

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
haha, same! i keep on staring at red polish when i'm so wanna paint my nails but can't decide what color to use.. i feel so safe with red, haha..
Hehe, yea yea all i have are female one, but they do fight a lil while for food as well.. ^^

seems like all of us have the same kinda feeling huh.. :p
tehee, i feel so happy and cheerful whenever i see kitty kitty~ and luckily i'm not allergic to them cute little monster^^

Hilton said...

I love those nails..........

Unknown said...

Thanks Hilton^^