Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chili Red~

It's me again~~~ lolx..
Well, i thought that 101followers should follow by 101post as well since i have 2 more to go, so i'll try to make another post up soon~ haha..

It's just a simple Konad French nails that all of you would do better, cause i'm too bored! :p

Bought this color recently, but i like the bottle color better, as it's slightly darker and looks creamy-ier, anyway just to give it a try..
Free hand french..

Then Konad with m3..

you can see i have m7 on my right hand, again, i'm too bored..

And actually this was my inspiration.. :p
i have no nice stones now so i replace it with Konad.. Having problem buying quality SHINY rhinestones.. ><

And definitely check out Cynthia's blog if you have not! i wish i'm in her country Singapore so i can visit her always and have myself nice nail art^^

Well, did a pedicure as well, i'm so red, haha...
** My feet are still shy in front of camera, deleted so many photo of them and only only 1 that is presentable.. >v<


Jin said...

Rachel your freehand french mani is so neat! I have been watching HK drama called 宫心计. All the queens have bright red nail polish! I keep thinking of using bright red as well now! Hehe.

Oh I love Cynful Nails. She's so talented! I am still really bad at gel and acrylic nail extentions. Need to practice more.

Unknown said...

haha, that was a nice drama, i 'chase' every episode every night that time! oh even i like cream color, but my heart still with all my reds, dark reds shimmer reds, All~~~ haha..

i wish i can earn enough $$ when i start working so i can buy all gel and acrylic i want!!! gambate neh~~~ ^^

Camy said...

You have a little award on my blog:

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for giving me the award! That's so sweet~ i'll definitely post it right soon~^^