Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cause it's thistle color with butterfly, lolx..

Sorry for not updating for quite some time, i been at home almost everyday rotting here and there, didn't have to motivation to pain, as to leave nails breathing too. Because uni is opening soon, that will be my 'picked season' to start my painting 'session' again.. :p

Bought this lavender polish last week so wanted to try it..

Didn't have any idea how to decorate them so end up simply Konad-ed it, haha..
I think it would be nice that all 4 pattern to be a individual series of design, what do you think?

Konad m39 and 53 were used..

i have the habit to only paint my nails at night, so had problem on the lighting, as i prefer natural lighting that 'spotlight' the color better.. But i'm owl/vampire (夜猫子), night time is my active time, haha...

Till next time, take care~^^/


Susie said...

Very pretty. LOVE the color and the Konading.
I'm follower 101. :)

Unknown said...

tehee, thanks Susie..
and welcome as the 101 followers^^/

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I Like the combo you make with different image plates! Looove lavender :) what do you study at uni?

Unknown said...

hehe thanks! Do stay tune, i got few more to be posted.. :)

Jin said...

Rachel, I like it that you've used different prints for each finger. It's also a very nice touch to use darker and lighter paint. Very pretty ;) I am also in the habit of doing my nails late at night. Usually on a Friday night and sometimes all the way to 4 or 5 am! That's why I've invested in a very strong and streamline lamp.

Unknown said...

I saw one of the blogger (sorry totally cant remember which blog is it) she DIY the lamp and lighting and it look perfect for my tiny room (with all kinds of rubbish inside, lolx), i think i will take her idea... But it all depends when is my mood to do it, haha..