Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas --> New year nails~

Forgive me that we are all busy + excited having fun at this festival period, lolx..

Anyway, once again
Happy New Year 
to all~! 

So to cut it short, these are the designs that i did for myself within Christmas to New Year~~ :D

 Not to forget about toeey~


Latest nails will be up very soon..

Take care and be safe~ ^^


Cel said...

All are very pretty and very festive :D

Unknown said...

Thanks! ^^

Silence is Loud said...

very pretty and glittery!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I really like the second mani :) hope to see many more pics of your nails :)

Felice Anno Nuovo!

blog Usei Hoje said...

Muito lindo.
Amei. Vou copiar qualquer dia.


Freshie said...

Look at all that sparkle goodness!

Unknown said...

Silence is Loud:
Thanks and happy new year~! ^^

Oh thanks i especially like that mani too, not too bling with bit of elegant.. :p

felice anno nuovo anche a te!
hope that make sense? hehe...

Usei Hoje!:
obrigado..(is it thank you? hehe..)
oh sure and i'll definitely look forward for your version too~! :D

tehee.. Thanks and happy new year~! ^^

Jin said...

Wow they are all full of sparkles! Perfect for this time of the year! I bought a lot of sparkly nail polish and have yet to try them out. I really like your pedi! Need to get mine redone too. I've been having all different types of pedi this summer but my toes are camera shy hehe.

Unknown said...

Pedi, wuuu they are always the harder one.. >v< and yea most of the time i end up frustrated for not getting nice shoot for my shy toes as well.. :p
Anyway, happy new year once again and go sparkly~~~^^