Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[past tense] New year nails~

Without further ado, pinkish pearly flowery blingy new year~

so not me, for the color i mean, lolx~

You may already find it looking familiar if you read Jin's blog about her new year nails as i took hers as guide, credit to her~~ :p

click to read hers!

What do you think of the photo arrangement?
do let me know your opinion by commenting. :D

Shall leave now, baking cookies for Chinese/Lunar New Year~ ^^


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

that's amazing! you're so talented Rachel!! :)

I think that pink fits well on you so dont hate it :D

Jin said...

Hi Rachel, I was reading your blog at work yesterday and when I saw your first picture I was initially intrigued by the big rose. Only after a while did I feel that the background design looks familiar hehe. Thanks for the reference to my blog. I really like that you've added the huge rose and big pearls to the design. As for the photo arrangement, it certainly looks good placing them side by side. I think you can vary the placement to make it look interesting.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Alice. :)
oh forgive me i decided to stay closer to pink starting now too, hehe..

tehee, good things must be credited. :p
And will definitely considerate Jin's opinion on next post~~ ^^

Anonymous said...

So pretty in pink. PINK! Rachel... you are wearing pink! Hooray. ;) I love the pearls and bling bling. But I love anything you and Jin design. Very clever!

Unknown said...

LOL yea yea yea finally pink! haha..
i love Jin's design too and still waiting patiently when you are safe to put on polishes~~ :p

Himi said...

it's fun to try out colours you might not usually wear ^^ haha after all if you didnt like it you can just take it off~~
i really like the photo arrangement at the bottom. it's a bit different, but not messy =)

Silence is Loud said...

these are too cute!!!

Unknown said...

tehee, yeap and this mani definitely makes me likes pink more.. :p
thanks for the comment about photo arrangement! yeay now i could have more space of 'freedom and creative' to place my photos~ haha... :D

Silence is Loud:
Thanks!!! ^^

Unknown said...
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