Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm mad

about my header!!!! ><
Why cant blogspot let me get a nice and clear image for my header just because i lengthen my blog's width??!!!

I HATE YOU~~~~~~~! grrrrhhh...

ok done with complaining and mumbling, shall leave it like that for the moment, tired from trying and adjusting, night guys~ zzZ... :(


Trincess said...

want me to host your header? =) I have a paid account, I have unlimited bandwidth & I can host original size files.

Himi said...

isn't it annoying =( if you change one lil thing, nothing wants to work =__= haha i have no patience for this stuff, so good luck!

Unknown said...

lol, it's so kind of you but it's ok, i'm full of energy now to deal with it again, let's see how long does it takes to listen to me again. ==" XD

hahaha i have no patience on queuing, but to this, please gimme more spirit to continue the war with it! XD

yeap, wish me good luck~

Anonymous said...

No need to be mad any more Rachel. Ok! I want to hear you laughing all the way over here in Australia! ;) I LOVE the new header. It fits perfectly :)

Jin said...

hehe goodluck Rachel. I'm sure you can make it work!

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
hahaha, wokay wokay i shall practice to shout to laugh loud enough then.. XD that's was one of the field in my uni, ahh, i miss those flower 'ocean'..

hehe xiexie Jin~ but it's been 3-4days and the stubborn header still not cooperating with me! ><