Friday, January 21, 2011

[past tense] Christmas nails~

Yeap, here i am again. :p
i feel so guilty for saying sorry continuously but i have to, for all of you that has be waiting for my updates. >v< love you guys~~~!!!

if you are aware of my new post below this one, i'm letting my nails to have a break in a week or 2, and wish that they will be strong again to start my new round of torturing, lolx...

So here is what i had during Christmas time. i modified the designs from Nail Up November copy, which originally looks like this:

Im not really to the 'framing' designs (like what you see on the thumb), and instead of gold stripes, i use what i got (gold flakes) as replacement..

left side~
For the stars on ring finger, after the red base is dried, i draw outline of stars and fill in with white before another layer of the glitter gold to let the gold pop out more in the red..So as the small bow on my index finger..

right side~~

The ingredients~~

2 more designs to come soon. Till then take care and be safe everyone~ :)


blog Usei Hoje said...

Que coisa mais linda . Amei tudo!!!


Angeles said...

Hi Rachel! I'm a new follower from Barcelona. Well, really I've followed you anonymously for several months... ;-)

Unknown said...

Usei Hoje!:
Thanks a lot. :D

Oh hi Angeless! ^^ never expect i have follower from Barcelona, and thanks a lot for your following, hope my designs in future will continue interest you~ hehe.. :)

Trincess said...

this is beautiful! =)

Himi said...

i love love the design on thumb and index finger. simple but lovely ^^

Jin said...

Hi Rachel, I like the cute bow and gold flakes! I'm really into dark nail colours again hehe. They really look nice when you mix them with gold nail art. What will you be doing for Chinese new year? I'm thinking of drawing rabbits hehe. Not sure if it will be successful.

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

just beautiful!!! So classy :)


Unknown said...

Oh thank you~~~ :p

thanks a lot Himi! i love the thumb design specially cause it's kinda sailor style..

tehee am thinking of rabbits too but wish to put in red as well, i use to hate this color during cny but as i grow older, red stands a very important space in my heart during this festive and i must find at least accessories or clothes to wear on the 1st day. :p

yardsticks 4 lunatics:
Thank you Tiffani! ^^

Anonymous said...

So striking! I love the thumb and middle finger. Beautiful Rachel. Those nails are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
Thanksssssss Danielle^^
hope you & cute little bun are good and fine! :)