Tuesday, June 1, 2010

polka polka x78265897354~

Finally..... T.T
Been trying to upload photos but everytime fail fail fail~!!!!><

aahhhh~ i'm back to campus now, good news is i only have 3 day classes, rather than 5days a week or even saturday class~ Yee^^

Ok ok back to nails, so i know i been doing polka dots, but i cant help it, in fact this is actually what i did 1 week ago, i just dont have to 'mood' to upload it, cause i'm so in to game during holiday! hehehe...

By using these colors,

I paint each nails a diagonal french with different colors,
then dot the line between with white polish,
you can stop here as s simple design or add some blings..

But you can also continue to make different size of dots like mine for a more 'polka' look.. ^^v

I did this on right hand, a gradient french polka, but i think left hand design looks better..

See you tomorrow again, if my line is stable enough to upload photos~
Night and Morning~~ :)


Lokum Hanim said...

Thats so cute!!!


ThRiSzHa said...

love this classic polka dots!!

Unknown said...

Thanks!^^ and i like your Konad as well, hehe..

hehe, thanks a lot~ ;p

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

sweet :) I like the colour you used :)

Unknown said...

Thanks~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I love the polka polka nails. Your nails look beautiful with pastel colours. So, so pretty! BTW I've deleted my blog, but will be back to see you from time to time. I've added you to my favourites <3 Danielle xxx

Unknown said...

Oh that's so sad to here about your blog. Will you be 'building' up another one? Now i have lesser place to hang around.. :(
But always love to hear from you^^ Muacks!