Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue like Pepsi~

Aloha~ ^^
Since we had a tough time on assignments, Amelia suggest that we should go out and have some good time.
So the next day we head to nearest town (our campus and hostel is kinda at a rural area) to have some good food~!!! yum yum^^

FOTD (Fact of the day):

Rachel is very willing to have Japanese food EVERY meal in her whole life~@v@
But not for shashimi yet. XP

Amelia with her pork rice set, and my cold soba set with tempura prawn that is beside her, haha...^^
We had a real good time enjoying good food with reasonable price, ahh, i can still feel the tasty soba soup with generous white radish and ginger inside~ hmmm~~~~~

Yours truly~^^

Tehee, saw Rachel and Amelia in the glasses?

After lunch, we head to mall to get our nails done~!^^
Ok it's true that i can do part of the skill that manicurist in the salon can do (and we know our nails better), but isn't just so relaxing and comfy to sit down peace your mind and let the pro the do the job?

It was a small salon but the girls are quite friendly.. we had pedicure treatment and hand nail art, i wish the foot massage can be longer, hehe..

I'm so sorry that i forgot to capture Amelia's manicure and pedicure, but here's mine..
Just request for a simply sparkling light gold glitter colour, the girl who did it for me add 1 more layer of gold flakes without charge, hehe... I'm thinking of adding stones and pearls by myself later on.. :p

My Pepsi-like nails...
Didn't realise about it until i came back home and this thought just pass through, maybe with a little help from me to add red polish would make it a great one as a Pepsi lover^^ yee~

Dark blue base with white, light blue, black, and silver waves..
I feel weird to have the same pattern all over my nails... XP


Jin said...

Hi Rachel, I love your pepsi mani, especially the silver and blue glitter strips you added! We're the same hehe, I feel kinda funny if I have the same design for all my nails. Yah I can have Japanese food almost everyday. During my uni days we often reward ourselves after a stressful assignment week by going to feast at Japanese restaurant. Feel like having cold soba now eventhough it's less than 10 deg.c outside hehe.

Unknown said...

Hehe, i have one more Japanese food partner now~~^^ we only have Sushi King outside of the campus which forever wouldn't provide quality sushi or soba (it's always over cooked!), so when we dont have the budget we'll have to go there, but luckily their temaki is ok, hehe..
and know what? i bought ice cream for supper last night.. XP

ThRiSzHa said...

thats really pretty

Unknown said...

Thanks ^^

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Yes :) it's very relaxing going to the saloon :) it looks like marble nail art :)

Kae said...

These nails are amazing! I love the design and colors. Aaah the food looks yummy too :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Alice~ ^^ yea it really looks like marble, haha..

tehee, i miss my cold soba soba~~~! >v<

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I loved this post! You and Amelia look beautiful and your nails are fabulous! Full of pepsi swirl goodness. I agree with Kae and Jin - that food looks delicious! I love Japanese but have never tried soba noodles before. Think I am missing out!! Danielle <3

Unknown said...

You know i dont need to read till the end for your name but once i start the 1st sentence, i knoww it's my sweety~ hehe..

hehe, a big 'thank you' from Amelia to Danielle^^ You should definitely try soba, it's nice to eat it in hot weather, and the thing i enjoy most of the whole process is the white radish and the ginger in the soup! hmm~~ ^^

Doo ♥ said...

Beautiful nails! I just found your site, through another blog, by seeing preview picture of this mani. Glad I found your blog, gorgeous designs (pastel colors, lace, and all)!

Oh, and I just ate my first Japanese food yesterday - some sushi. Now I feel I'm missing out on lot, looks delicious.

Unknown said...

Hi Doo:)
Thank you so much for coming to my blog!
ah so sorry i haven been updating this week, but hope you had a great time hanging around here.. ^^

Eden said...

Hi Rachel!
Omg, i like your blog so much, especially the pepsi-nails. I really wanna do this on my nails too and i tried already a few times, but it just doesn't work. So my question is: do you wanna make a tutorial about the pepsi-nails ?
I'd love it so much!
Thanks, Eden.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you like my blog so much Eden, well im kinda busy with uni assignments lately, so i guess i'll have to make the tutorial later on.
at the mean time, do take a look around my blog for other tutorials.. :)

simyee said...

i like tis leh..
i wan blue !!!blue !!! blue!!!!
nice job dear~~~~

Unknown said...

haha... you got read carefully onot de, i did it in saloon la, not by myself.. >< you no heart one!!!

simyee said...

soli ah..
normally ..
i only see pic xD ...
soli alh....dear~~~ >.<