Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Colors! + Meow^^

This is not really a nails post, but rather Rachel and friends, and my long time no show kitty~ ^^

Did this colorful nails for Amelia last week, she's going weird lately, liking all bright colors such as hot pink which i'm afraid and hate it! XP , think it's assignments that driving us crazy, haha...

Ahem... and seems like someone else has got into the poison of assignments..

that just cant leave us alone.

To stop her from making so much 'noise' in photo, took a photo of her cute cute fingernails too.. haha..

And together with that, that is my class rep May~ ^^ hehe..

By the way May hates cat i love cat, haha....

"what a boring evening it is, haih~~~"

Meow~ ^^

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