Saturday, July 24, 2010

plaids in black & white~

Hey there, am back~ :)
and i still have assignments and mid term queuing up... :(

I had few more nails to show before this, will post it up when i'm free enough to do so..
At the mean time, let me just share what i have..

dang dang dang dang~~

Got inspired by asami's design from her you tube channel, though i can come out something similar..

I had this fake OPI polish in dark silver some time ago. But the thing is, i cant capture a good photo of its real bottle color. ><
Anyways, just pick a base color as your preference..

Add white stripes on each nails.
it can be horizontal or vertical like how asami did, but i just leave them all in horizontal..

Use black thin tip polish to make lines as shown, and you're done.. :)

Here is what i had on my right hand, using light grey as base..

nice eh? hehe...
Simple and sweet for the time being that i dont have much time and energy on nails..

I just chop my nails short, got a bit tired of maintaining on long nails. Since i dont have strong and hard nails, i have to always keep an eye on them in case the clumsy me broke them anytime. ><

Ok, till then, take care everyone. Muacks.. :)


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I think I'm going to do it, nut in purple, since I don't have grey polishes :(
take care and have fun :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Very pretty! So many beautiful designs lately :) I need longer nails to try them all out! Your pictures are gorgeous. Are you doing some fashion designing Rachel? Danielle :)

Unknown said...

Looking forward to see your purple plaids nails~^^

i wish i have stronger nails so i can have them long easily without extra caring so much! ><
oh btw, i'm pursuing degree in advertising. :)

Camy said...

this is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thanks camy~ ^^

Kae said...

I love this design Rachel! I also like the new layout :)

Unknown said...

thank you thank you Kae~~ ^^/