Friday, July 30, 2010

vintage-like flora look~

I got myself Nail Up July copy~^^ went to town nearby 2 days ago and how can i not buy it!!! >v<
Ok so i bought it and i is so happie~ haha.... can't stop the excitement cause i finally own a Nail up magazine. (it's hard to find fresh from Japan nail magazine here.. :( )

If you follow my blog frequently you will know i'm quite busy with assignment lately, so i put on fakies for the sake that fakies need few minutes to stick well on my nails and will stay there nicely without me worrying of polish not drying or whatsoever. And this french design is simple enough to keep my nails looks clean and neat for the time being. :)

Just too bad that is cannot cover my tips entirely cause i still want my 'ori' length to maintain. :(

Anyways, like i say yesterday on previous post, i have some free time today away from assignment, and since i'm eyeing on the nail design on Nail Up cover, decided to transform it to my own nails (i mean the fakies, lolx)..^^

Oh, after i got it and decided to put this design 1st of all, i immediately go get myself the light green (no idea what's that color call. T.T) from The Skin Food, haha..
If you are curious about it, it's BL509.

Until i realize i'm suppose to snap photo for the steps, then i again, realize my camera has to be charge. ><>
But i guess it's not difficult right...

For the flora design, after your base is dry,
simply use your thin brush or dotting tools, like what i used,
draw green short line (the leaf) and then with blue short lines (whatever, to add some layers to the patter) and lastly fill up with light red and red (as the flower).

I replace the gold balls with small flakes as it serve the same purpose..
you may also dot it with gold polish with dotting tools..

Not really use to the fakies's shape on my nails, looks more round. :p
but as what i notice, the polish dries faster on fakies compare to real nails. wonder why?

Ok, till then, everyone take care and be good~ haha..


Jamie K. said...

omg i love this nails so much!!!! any recommendations for nail brushes? :)
hope to see ur tutorial soon? :P

Lokum Hanim said...


Dainty Darling Digits said...

I think I'm going to try and do my own spin on this, I'll link back to you! You did a lovely job.

cristal.angel said...


Donna said...

omigosh~ this is so cuuute!! That skin foods nail polish is sooo beautiful <33 And your flower finger is stunning ^^~

yokeMun said...

lovin the vintage nails!!i did roses before but my base color is kinda it didn't turns out the way that i wanted..!!=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I think these nails are my favourite! Think the colours and the red roses and polka pots are so feminine and very, very pretty! I love them @^@~ xxx Danielle

Unknown said...

Jamie K.:
Thanks a lot! ^^ hmm, i dont really use brushes, i ruin 2 out of 3 cuz did not clean them properly.. :p so sorry i can't suggest any good one, i use dotting tools in stead.. :)

Thanks Zuzu~ ^^

Hope to see your design soon! and thanks a lot.. :)

Thank you~~~~~~ :)

tehee thanks Donna! ^^ i doubt if i should this color but seems like i did a good decision,and it dries super fast! hehe..

You can try the color i use same as in the magazine! gosh i'd never thought of combining these 3 colors together for flower but they looks good. :)

hehe, thanks to the magazine! XP
only if my nails are longer it would look nicer..

Unknown said...

this mani is so cuuute :)

Unknown said...

Really pretty!

How do i follow your blog?

I would love to have a bell on my blog but can't read the language

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

Where do you buy Nail Up Magazine? Can you purchase on line? Thank you, mwacks <3 Danielle xx

Rins said...

This looks really fabulous!

Unknown said...

Lily nails:
thanks~! ^^

Oh im so sorry i must have deleted the follower gadget accidentally, i put it back on my side bar~^^

hmm, this may be a problem because i happen to saw the magazine up on book shelf, normally i can only find them at bigger book store, i have no idea whether it is available online or not.. :(
Sorry.. ><

thank you thank you.. :)

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

:) one of your best!!!

I've a little gift for you, look here:

Unknown said...

Oh thank you so much for loving my blog!
I should give out this award to more sweet bloggers when i'm back from assignments, hehe..

Thanks again Alice. ^^

PolishPig said...

Such a sweet manicure! Very talanted too, and that painting with a dotting tool only. Just amazing!

I'm so glad I found your blog, I have put you on my blog roll :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! ^^ wish you had a great time hanging around.. :)