Friday, July 30, 2010

pastel french nails~

Hi there~ ( ^^)/ i'm back again~hehe..

This time, pastel french with black base, an modified design i saw from Wan's blog on the post about Dolly wink's new polishes..

First i started with black polish as base..

Then pastel peach orange with curve shown in the picture as french..

1 big dot of same pastel polish on the middle, and 2tiny one on each side..
Cute not??? ^^

Oh by the way the background was actually my new top i got from online shopping, it's a white T with leopard face on it. but the leopard looks a bit emo rather than fierce, lolx..

Ok, actually i just got my nails painted with another design and i can't wait to share it up!
But since i have no class tomorrow and assignments decided to release me for few days from it, so, i shall not stuck too many nails of mine to you guys 1st, hehe...

Night and Ohayo~~~!! (^^)/


Lokum Hanim said...

Love love cuteee!

Unknown said...

Thanks.. :)

Donna said...

Very cute Rachel! :)
I think black base colour is still too bold for me that I'm worried to try it haha~

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel! Beautiful. I loved this on Wan's blog but I love yours JUST as much! Danielle xxx

Unknown said...

hehe, it's ok you can always switch it to sweet white and pink or softer color to what you are comfortable.. :)

hehe,i love hers too! just wanted to have something different.. :p
thanks sweetheart~ ^^

TINA said...

lovely blog and nails! i followed back : )

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Tara^^